Sustainability stories

Ørsted is on a radical decarbonisation journey. By the end of 2019, 86% of our energy generation was from renewable sources. By 2025, we will be carbon neutral in our energy generation and operations.

We want to build a world that runs entirely on green energy, and we want to build green energy in a sustainable way.

As the most sustainable company in the world, Ørsted continues its radical decarbonisation journey. By 2025, we will be the first major energy company to reach net zero emissions in our energy production – decades ahead of science-based decarbonisation targets for limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

But we won’t stop there. By 2040, we will address the emissions that come from outside our walls, from energy trading and from the supply chain, to have a completely carbon neutral footprint.

We want to build a world that runs entirely on green energy, and we want to build green energy in a sustainable way.  Read more on this target in the press release.
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Ørsted wins Denmark’s most prestigious sustainability award

For the first time ever, we won the annual CSR Prize that recognises best practices in sustainability reporting among Denmark’s biggest companies.

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Capital 30.06.2020

Investing in a decade of climate action

Here’s how investors can drive change in their portfolio companies and help ramp up the fight against climate change.

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Building green 21.01.2020

World's most sustainable company 2020

We’re ranked the most sustainable company in the world in the Corporate Knights 2020 Global 100 index of most sustainable corporations. A decade ago, we were one of the most fossil fuel intensive energy companies in Europe.

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Building green 30.01.2020

Finding the space for green energy at scale

Building renewable energy technologies at scale will protect natural ecosystems from the consequences of climate change and benefit the local economies that invest in renewable energy. To succeed, the build-out must be balanced with the interests of other industries and the interests for nature protection.

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Nature 30.01.2020

How we maximise the climate benefits of biomass

Using wooden biomass for energy generation has allowed us to almost fully retire coal.

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Capital 30.01.2020

Socio-economic impacts of the green transformation

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables brings great economic opportunities for growth and job creation. While jobs will be lost in some sectors, more jobs will be created in other sectors. Ørsted’s green investments contribute to creating jobs, and we work to maximise the local positive impacts of our renewable energy development projects.

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Greentech 16.12.2019

Offshore wind vessel serves “seawater” to avoid generating plastic

By filtering North Sea water for drinking, renewable energy company Ørsted avoids up to 8,000 plastic bottles per trip made by the vessel that services its offshore wind farms in Germany.

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Building green 07.10.2019

Companies must act now to achieve a 1.5°C world

With carbon emissions reduction targets aligned with climate science, renewable energy company Ørsted is among the frontrunners in a global movement to mitigate the climate crisis

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Building green 23.09.2019

How do we harness the power of scale to meet 2030 climate goals? 

At the landmark UN Climate Action Summit, energy company Ørsted made it clear that the world must build green energy faster and at scale to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and limit global warming to 1.5°C.

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Capital 02.07.2019

Sustainable Finance Helps to Launch Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Adventure

An $800 million green loan facility launched by Ørsted, one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, brings together 15 banks to finance the company’s first commercial offshore wind farms in Taiwan.

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Capital 16.05.2019

Ørsted is Denmark's best for tax transparency

Responsible tax practices help us stand out amongst Denmark’s top companies, says a survey by Danish financial newspaper Økonomisk Ugebrev.

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Building green 31.01.2019

A healthy working life in a busy world

In a modern fast-paced culture, it is crucial to actively support employees to counter stress and burn-out. In 2018, we introduced our Ørsted Life programme - a new, holistic effort to support the health and well-being of our employees.

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Building green 31.01.2019

A workplace where everyone feels acknowledged

With a global footprint and 6,000 employees, we need a diverse workforce to pursue our vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy. To attract the best talent, we put great efforts into ensuring an inclusive culture for all our employees.

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Building green 31.01.2019

Accelerating the global green energy transformation

In Ørsted, we want to help accelerate the transformation away from fossil fuels to green energy. In 2018, we have increased our buildout targets for offshore wind to 15GW by 2025, enough to power more than 30 million people.

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Building green 31.01.2019

Cyber security is a social responsibility

Energy is vital for all parts of society, but increasingly, critical infrastructure such as energy supply is threatened by cyber espionage, cybercrime and hackers.

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Capital 31.01.2019

Our investments in green energy bring tangible benefits to society

Accelerating the transformation from black to green energy requires significant investments and the investments bring tangible value to the societies that benefit from them.

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Nature 31.01.2019

Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable biomass

When sourced sustainably, biomass reduces carbon emissions significantly compared to coal and gas. Sustainable biomass is therefore a crucial stepping stone towards a fossil-free society

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Nature 31.01.2019

Taking care of the rich diversity of life on Earth

All energy infrastructure is built in a unique environment where we have to do our utmost to protect the natural ecosystems. It is central that we manage environmental impacts on these ecosystems well to acquire permission to build wind farms. 

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Greentech 31.01.2019

Waste is a ressource for green energy

Increasing waste levels is a major global challenge. In Ørsted we see waste as a valuable resource when the organic content can be turned into biogas, which is a green alternative to natural gas. We invest in waste solutions that can help utilise the many resources that waste has.

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Capital 26.11.2018

GRESB sector leader: Better Returns, Better World

Ørsted is named Sector Leader in the 2018 GRESB Infrastructure Assessment, for incorporating sustainability into operations and communicating performance to investors.

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Capital 15.11.2018

Here’s Why It Makes Sense for Companies to Support Climate-related Disclosure

The recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) are a valuable tool for companies to disclose on their climate impacts.

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Building green 11.10.2018

CSR prize: “A role model for sustainability reporting”

Ørsted’s sustainability report for 2017 builds optimism, trust and a clear vision for a future run entirely on green energy say the judges of Denmark’s annual CSR Prize.

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Sustainability report 2019

Carbon neutral to stop global warming at 1.5°C