Our vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy

Nearly 75 % of global carbon emissions come from energy use, mainly from burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuel pollution harms people and the planet. We want to change that.

Green energy for everyone

We help countries and companies switch to green energy by building cost-competitive green energy solutions on a large scale – from offshore wind farms to renewable hydrogen facilities. We’re committed to making green energy sustainable for the climate, for people, and for nature. If we do that, we are truly creating an energy system that will work for future generations.

The impact of green energy in pictures

We transformed from a fossil fuel company to a global green energy leader in a decade

In 2008, we did a complete rethink of our business strategy. From that moment on, we threw ourselves wholly into becoming a renewable energy company. We began to increase our investments in offshore wind farms and to convert our power stations from coal to sustainable biomass. In 2017, we took the final step and divested our oil and gas business.

We’re living proof that big change is possible in a decade.

We now operate onshore and offshore wind farms, solar centres, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen facilities, and bioenergy plants. Our one remaining coal-fired power plant will be shut down by 2024.*

As a global market leader, we’ve been able to reduce the costs of green energy

We have the largest installed capacity and the largest number of new projects among offshore wind developers. Our market-leading position has enabled us to reduce the costs of renewable energy, so new markets and investors can see the huge potential of offshore wind as a more profitable, efficient, and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
Mads Nipper, CEO

We aspire to be one of the true catalysts of systemic change to a greener society. By continuing to prove that there is no long term tradeoff between sustainability and financial value creation.

Mads Nipper
CEO, Ørsted

* Our target is to phase out coal before 2025. The Danish authorities have ordered us to continue and resume the operation of three of our power station units which use coal and oil until 31 August 2024.