Onshore wind energy

An unlimited and renewable source of clean energy

How it works

Using electromagnetism to bring wind power into your home

We build onshore wind turbines on areas of land that are exposed to the wind.

When the wind causes the turbine blades to rotate, magnets inside the turbine rotate inside a coil of conductive wire. This generates electrical energy. 

The energy travels down the turbine tower and then through cables to an onshore substation. Here we adjust the voltage so the electricity can be fed into the grid and sent to homes and businesses.

Meeting the growing demand for clean, renewable power

Onshore wind has a vital role to play in the global shift to green energy.

As a green energy leader, we at Ørsted work with leaders across industries and continents to deliver flexible, cost-competitive and environmentally sound onshore solutions that meet the growing demand for renewable power.

We operate onshore wind assets across the US and Europe, with 3.8 GW in operation and under construction.

Amazon Wind Farm, Scurry County, Texas

Strengthening communities, transforming local economies

We're passionate about the communities in which we operate. As well as providing green energy to people, our onshore wind projects create jobs and economic benefits to local communities.
Case study: Lockett Wind Farm
The Lockett Wind Farm in Wilbarger County, Texas, US, has delivered a significant economic boost to the local community. Over the life of the project, we’ll contribute more than USD 70 million in property taxes, all of which will go towards local schools and infrastructure improvements.
The future of onshore wind

The market for renewable energy is growing rapidly. From tech firms and data centre operators to financial institutions and more, we’ve made it our mission to help heavy energy consumers gain access to renewable resources, while also meeting their financial and sustainability objectives.
Thanks to new technologies and increasing demand, solar and wind power are cheaper than fossil-fuel power in two thirds of the world.  
At Ørsted, we aim to have 11-13 GW of onshore wind, solar, and storage capacity across our markets by 2030. 
Our projects

Ørsted’s onshore wind farms

Explore the map to see where our projects are located or see a full overview of our onshore wind farms.