Optimise your gas portfolio

Start your decarbonisation journey with Ørsted 

Our capabilities within gas and certificate trading, flexibility products, risk mitigation and portfolio optimisation ensure efficient management of gas portfolios as well as the integration of green gas solutions. 

Our commitment to innovation also means we can remain at the forefront of the green transition while maintaining reliable energy supply and market competitiveness. 

With a commitment to seizing market opportunities, Ørsted's trading floor operates on a 24/7 basis, meaning we’re always ready to react to market changes while optimising value for our partners. 

Our work with green gas producers

Our green gas and certificate originators and business developers offer years of experience working with green gas producers.  

We work with green gas producers to deliver route-to-market offtake agreements designed to give you as much value as possible – while offering full transparency at every step.  

Our agreements also take into account individual needs, whether you require hedging services or updates and recommendations on how to navigate the ever-evolving green gas regulatory landscape. 

What you’ll get with Ørsted as your decarbonisation partner

By partnering with Ørsted, we’ll use our market leading expertise to provide you with the green gas solutions and certificates needed to facilitate your green transition.    

This also includes our views and expectations on the future of gas and certificate trading, with our presence within numerous green gas industry groups ensuring we – and you – are prepared for whatever comes next.   

Power trading

With our power trading, sourcing and risk management services, optimise your power portfolio.