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Upcoming investor events

 Date Event  Name Location Ørsted representatives Host
 07.02.24 CMU  Capital Markets Update Gentofte, Denmark CEO & CFO Ørsted
08.02.24-09.02.24 Roadshow
FY 2023 London CEO & CFO Morgan Stanley
21.02.24-23.02.24 Roadshow FY 2023 New York, Boston & Chicago CEO & CFO JP Morgan
27.02.24 Roadshow FY 2023 Copenhagen CEO & CFO SEB
28.02.24-29.02.24 Roadshow  FY 2023 Frankfurt & Paris CEO & CFO Deutsche Bank
07.03.24 Roadshow FY 2023 Switzerland IR Morgan Stanley
  IR sprint Virtual IR Danske Bank
Conference  Global Energy Transition London IR UBS
 14.05.24 Conference  Energy & Climate Technology Boston IR Citi
15.05.24-16.05.24 Conference  Atlantic's 12th Canada Conference Toronto IR Redburn
22.05.24-23.05.24 Conference
dbAccess European Champions Conference
Frankfurt IR Deustche Bank
 29.05.24 Conference  European Utilities & Cleantech London CEO Goldman Sachs
04.06.24 Conference  26th CEO Conference Paris CEO BNP Paribas Exane
 26.06.24  Fieldtrup European Utilities Fieldtrip / Global Renewable Virtual CEO BofA

Past investor events
  • 2022
     Date Event  Name Location Attendees Host
     06.12.22  Conference Nordic Investor Days  Stockholm  IR  UBS
     29.11.22  Conference Carbonomics  London  CEO Goldman Sachs
    23.11.22-24.11.22  Roadshow    Australia  IR  Santander
     22.11.22  Roadshow    UK & US  CEO  Berenberg
     08.11.22  Roadshow    UK & US  CFO  Berenberg
     04.11.22  Roadshow    Copenhagen CEO & CFO  SEB
     03.10.22  Conference RES Energy Conference  Virtual  IR  Pekao
     29.09.22  Conference  Utilities  New York  IR  Wolfe
     28.09.22  Conference Utilities&Infra EuroLatam conference  New York  IR  Santander
     28.09.22  Conference 19th Pan European Annual Strategic Decision  London  CEO  Bernstein
    21.09.22-22.09.22  Summit European Utilities and Clean Energy  London  IR Morgan Stanley
    13.09.22-14.09.22  Conference Global Energy Transition  London CEO & CFO  UBS
     08.09.22  Roadshow    LON CEO & CFO  Bernstein
     07.09.22  Roadshow    PAR  CFO Kepler Cheuvreux
     05.09.22  Roadshow    FRA  CCO Kepler Cheuvreux
    25.08.22-26.08.22  Roadshow   Zurich & Geneva  IR Credit Suisse
    15.08.22-17.08.22  Roadshow   New York, Chicago & Boston CEO & CFO Morgan Stanley
    12.08.22  Roadshow   Copenhagen CEO & CFO Danske Bank
    21.06.22-22.06.22  Roadshow    Luxembourg & Milan  IR  HSBC
     16.06.22   Conference 24th European CEO Conference   Paris  CEO Exane BNP Paribas 
    14.06.22-15.06.22   Conference 2022 Global Energy   London  IR Credit Suisse 
     08.06.22  Roadshow    MAD  IR Morgan Stanley
    30.05.22-03.05.22   Roadshow   US West Coast  Head of North America   Wolfe
     25.05.22   Conference Renewable Energy Conference   London  IR  Jefferies 
     19.05.22   Conference Big Utility CEO Conference   Virtual  CEO Goldman Sachs
     17.05.22   Roadshow      UK/US  CFO & CCO   UBS
     16.05.22   Roadshow    Paris  IR Oddo BHF 
    10.05.22-11.05.22   Roadshow    UK/US  CEO & CCO   UBS
     03.05.22   Roadshow    Copenhagen CEO & CCO   Carnegie 
    30.03.22-31.03.22   Conference Energy & Utilities Conference 2022   London  IR  BofA 
     23.03.22   Roadshow   Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam        Kepler Cheuvreux 
     09.03.22   Seminar  8th Annual Offshore Wind Energy Seminar   Copenhagen  IR Danske Bank  
     01.03.22   Conference Power, Utilities, Alt Energy Leaders  Boston  IR  BofA
     01.03.22   Roadshow    Copenhagen CEO & CFO   SEB
     24.02.22   Roadshow    Edinburgh   IR  Kepler Cheuvreux
     23.02.22   Roadshow    Frankfurt CFO & CCO   Bernstein 
     22.02.22   Roadshow    Paris  IR  Kepler Cheuvreux 
     10.02.22   Roadshow    US  IR   RBC 
     09.02.22   Roadshow    US  IR  RBC
     08.02.22   Roadshow    Boston & Chicago  CEO & CFO   BofA 
     07.02.22   Roadshow    New York  CEO & CFO   BofA 
     04.02.22   Roadshow    London CEO & CFO   Goldman Sachs 
     03.02.22   Roadshow    London CEO & CFO  Goldman Sachs 

  • 2023
     Date Event  Name Location Attendees Host
    29.11.23 Seminar    Copenhagen IR Danske Bank
    29.11.23-30.11.23 Roadshow   Sydney IR Santander
    21.11.23-22.11.23 Roadshow   Oslo & Stockholm IR DNB
    10.11.23 Roadshow    Copenhagen CFO & CEO Region Europe Carnegie
    06.11.23 Conference  Global Energy London CEO & CEO Region Europe  JP Morgan
    27.09.23 Conference  20th Pan European Annual Strategic Decision London CFO Bernstein
    27.09.23 Conference  ESG Paris Head of ESG Engagement Exane
    26.09.23 Conference  Renewables and Clean Energy Transition London Head of P2X Redburn & Rothschild
    26.09.23 Roadshow    Paris CFO & CEO Region Europe Goldman Sachs
    20.09.23 Conference  Wind Energy & Wind Tech Virtual IR BofA
    18.09.23-19.09.23 Roadshow   Madrid IR Santander
    13.09.23 Conference Global Energy Transition London IR UBS
    12.09.23 Conference  European Utilities and Clean Energy London IR Morgan Stanley
    08.09.23 Conference  Pan-European Virtual CEO Exane
    06.09.23 Conference  European Utilities Virtual IR Deutsche Bank
    05.09.23 Roadshow    US Virtual CEO & CFO BofA
    04.09.23 Conference European Utilities Trip London CEO Citi
    04.09.23 Roadshow    London CEO & CFO  JP Morgan
    11.08.23 Roadshow    Copenhagen CEO & CFO Nordea
    21.06.23 Roadshow    Zurich & Geneva IR Berenberg
    14.06.23 Seminar  Danske Sommerseminar Copenhagen CEO SEB
    12.06.23-13.06.23 Roadshow   US CFO & CEO Region Americas Morgan Stanley
    12.06.23-13.06.23 Roadshow   Paris & Frankfurt CEO & CEO Region Europe Exane
    09.06.23 Roadshow   London CEO & CFO Goldman Sachs
    08.06.23 CMD Capital Markets Day London Management Ørsted
    16.05.23 Roadshow   UK & US CEO & CFO Citi
    12.05.23 Roadshow   DK CFO & CEO Region Europe Danske Bank
    28.03.22-29.03.22 Conference Energy & Utilities  London IR Bank of America
    23.03.23 Roadshow   Poland IR Santander
    16.03.23 Conference Energy Conference London IR ABGSC
    15.03.23 Conference European Energy Security Conference Paris IR UBS
    08.03.23 Seminar Annual Offshore Wind Energy Seminar Virtual Head of Central Europe Danske Bank  
    07.03.23 AGM Annual General Meeting Copenhagen Management Ørsted
    02.03.23 Group Meeting   Virtual Australia CFO  Santander
    02.03.23 Roadshow   Toronto IR RBC
    01.03.23 Roadshow   Boston CEO & CEO Region Americas Morgan Stanley
    28.02.23 Conference Global Energy & Power Conference New York CEO, CFO & CEO Region Americas Morgan Stanley
    27.03.23 Roadshow   Chicago CFO Morgan Stanley
    23.02.23 Roadshow   Brussel and Amsterdam IR Jefferies
    22.02.23 Roadshow   Virtual Edinburgh IR Jefferies
    08.02.23 Roadshow   Frankfurt CEO & CFO  Exane
    01.02.23-2.02.23 Roadshow   London CFO  Goldman Sachs 
    05.01.23 Sprint   Virtual IR Danske Bank

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