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Your development

At Ørsted, it’s our ambition to grow continuously as a global green energy leader. Powered by talent.

We strive to bring out the best in all our people by enabling them to develop their potential. We invest significantly in continuous development for everyone because our people are at the heart of our future growth.

Grow your talent

Unleashing your potential

At Ørsted, every day brings new opportunities to unleash your talent and ignite your potential. You’ll work with your manager to learn what it takes to succeed at Ørsted and what resources are at your disposal – so together we’ll create the best career path for you.

We encourage in-person and virtual training, networking, coaching, and other structured ways of learning. But, ultimately, we believe that experience is the best teacher. Most learning occurs as part of your everyday work, so being deliberate about embedding learning opportunities in your daily job is crucial for your personal and professional growth.

You are unique, and so is your career. We encourage you to own your own development, with your manager’s support and the resources of the company at your disposal. We encourage you to seek out feedback and development opportunities, and to make the most of the many that Ørsted offers.

“All our people are at the heart of the progress we’re making. And we’ll need a lot of talent across the globe to continue to grow our business.”

– Henriette Fenger, Chief Human Resources Officer
Tips to help you grow
  • Work with your manager to build a development plan
  • Seek out development opportunities using your own initiative 
  • Learn every day
  • Ask for personal feedback from those around you
  • Invite others for debriefs after key projects
  • Share mistakes to learn from them
  • Be curious and encourage others to ask you critical questions
  • Take advice, then take action.

Continuous development

Our annual people processes form an ongoing rhythm that supports your continuous development and job satisfaction and help ensure competitive compensation.

A diagram displaying the continuous development process for Ørsted's employees.
People Review

Each year, your manager will work with peers to gather forward-looking feedback to share with you, in service of your development and impact.

Personal Development

Dialogue Twice a year, you’ll meet with your manager to discuss priorities and learning opportunities. You’ll supplement this with ongoing development dialogues.

Individual Development Plan

Every year, you and your manager will create a plan for your continuous development. You’ll own your development plan, with the support of your manager and of company resources.

Salary Review

Your salary is assessed based on your performance, role, and the benchmarks for your specific job.

People Matter

This annual survey offers valuable insight into you and your colleagues' job satisfaction and motivation and helps ensure that we continuously work on improving our workplace – both on a team level and on a company level.

“Development dialogues aren't just an annual event, but an ongoing part of the way we work together. We should both share feedback and ask for it ourselves.“

– Nicholas Creswell, Global Head of Talent

Our approach to learning

We build our approach to learning on the 70:20:10 model, as we learn most effectively from experience and through interactions with other people.

70% Learning through experience

Nothing beats on-the-job learning. It can have three times more impact on employee performance than formal training programmes and is especially relevant in a fast-changing industry such as renewable energy. We help you be deliberate about the developmental experiences you gain.

20% Learning through others

Two heads are better than one. We grow when we learn from others’ knowledge, advice, and inspiration. We help you find people who think differently, and those who have other competences and perspectives, to help you learn and improve your performance.

10% Learning through training

Sometimes training – whether in person or virtual – makes all the difference. Whatever your focus, Ørsted offers courses and programmes tailored to your needs.

Ørsted Academy

To retain our position as a leader in global green energy, we foster ambition at all levels. We’ve therefore established Ørsted Academy, offering world-class learning designed to develop your skills so you can pursue your career ambitions. We use face-to-face learning and leading-edge virtual classes that enable us to support colleagues across the globe. In the process, you’ll also gain a network with peers throughout the organisation, with whom you can develop together.

Leadership training: Lead others to success

Ørsted Academy offers a number of leadership courses and programmes to accelerate leadership performance. The courses cover topics such as leading others, leading leaders, leading across distance, team lead training, and personal communication.

Specialist training: Create even better results

Our experts and specialists play a vital role in building the domains of expertise that will secure Ørsted’s competitive advantage in the future. Ørsted Academy offers specialist courses and programmes, enabling you to develop the personal skills needed to succeed in your position. Topics include personal communication, communication and presentation, personal leadership, and collaboration and influencing.

Project management training: Make things happen

As a project manager, you must be able to navigate complex situations with confidence, remain on schedule, and communicate clearly to bring strategies to life. Ørsted Academy offers an ambitious Project Management Programme that will strengthen you in your role as a project manager, based on the framework of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Topics include project foundation & facilitation, people & teams, controlling and change management, and your own PM role.

“At a market-leading company like Ørsted, there’s a huge capacity to learn from some of the best people in the business. I feel that I can really grow as an individual – both personally and professionally – and that I constantly have opportunities for learning.”

– Rachel Meyer, Project Assessment Senior Project Lead, Offshore wind
Across career paths: Functional training

Ørsted Academy also offers a variety of opportunities for training in areas such as structured problem-solving and communication, collaborating across distance, language training, IT, and design thinking.

Talent programmes

Every year, we nominate a diverse group of high performers with potential for our talent programmes. The purpose of the programmes is to accelerate development and impact, build global networks, and give our employees and our company a leading edge.

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