What we do

We help countries and companies transition to green energy with our wind, solar, hydrogen, biomass and energy storage solutions.

Renewable energy solutions

From offshore wind to hydrogen, find out how our energy technologies work, their benefits, projected growth, and more.
Offshore wind energy
Using the wind to create electricity in turbines built on the seabed
Floating offshore wind
Mooring wind turbines to the seabed in deeper waters
Power-to-X: renewable hydrogen and other green fuels
Using green electric power to create fuels for industry and transport
Onshore wind energy
Generating power from wind turbines on land
Solar and storage
Using solar power and batteries to maintain a stable electric grid
Burning organic matter instead of coal for Danish heating and backup power

Ørsted awarded contract – will capture and store 430,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2

Where we operate

Use our interactive map to find our offices and renewable assets across Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region. You can deselect the types of facility you don’t want to see.

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