Governance that enables the right decisions

To deliver on our sustainability ambitions and make our business a force for good, all processes and decisions across our organisation need to pull in the same direction.

We want sustainability and integrity to be integrated into every aspect of how we do business. From how we manage our relationships to how we finance our operations and what we base our decisions on, sustainability must be a key consideration. 

This isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also one of the best ways to ensure a resilient and future-fit organisation – one that can navigate an increasingly complex regulatory and reporting landscape. 

Key sustainability targets
  • Sustainability is embedded consistently across relevant steps of our operating model. 

  • All future projects are EU taxonomy-aligned.

  • Code of conduct risk screenings are performed on all sourcing contracts above DKK 3 million.

Our sustainability efforts

Mobilising sustainable finance 

We exclusively deploy green and sustainable long-term financing, and we’re committed to providing opportunities for our investors to invest in projects and activities that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Embedding sustainability into our operating model

To be truly sustainable, we’re working to make sure sustainability is part of everything we do at Ørsted.

Responsible business partners 

To support a just transition, we must ensure that the companies we work with run their businesses and supply chains responsibly.
Sustainability Focus area

Science-based climate action

We want to be a catalyst for a net-zero economy. We’re taking action guided by science to deliver fully decarbonised energy solutions.