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Working with us

Our culture

A friendly working culture

At Ørsted, we want all our employees to thrive, perform and grow. Our friendly working culture is based on trust, respect, and openness. We hope it’ll make you feel welcome from day one. 

We want you to succeed

When you start a career at Ørsted, you won’t be the only one who wants you to succeed. You’ll experience support from your colleagues and your leader, who’ll empower you to perform at your best and achieve ambitious results. 

But it’s not only about the results you achieve – it’s also about how you achieve them. You’ll collaborate to succeed with mutual respect and honest conversations in a team of supportive colleagues, who strongly believe in teamwork and co-creation. They’ll both challenge you and support you along the way.

Being ambitious at Ørsted means working together to achieve results – and we’re an ambitious company. But we work in a sustainable way, placing high value on health, wellbeing, and flexibility. You’ll experience trust from your leader and your team to take responsibility and make decisions. 

Family-friendly workplace

We want everyone who works at Ørsted to have sustainable working lives. A big part of that is creating a family-friendly workplace where parents get the time they need to bond with the children who become part of their family.

Watch the video below to find out more about how we collaborate to succeed at Ørsted.

“What I truly appreciate about Ørsted is the diverse culture and the possibility to work with people from all over the world. It really makes Ørsted a world-class company."


- Jason Kao, Programme Director, APAC Project Development Management

Our guiding principles

At Ørsted, our five guiding principles serve as a compass for the way we work as a company.  


We’re open and trustworthy and uphold high ethical standards 


We’re passionate about what we do and proud of what we achieve  


We value diversity and collaborate in a non-hierarchical, respectful, and trusting way  

We set the bar high, take ownership, and get the right things done  

We never compromise on health and safety standards  

Flexible working

At Ørsted, we believe in a sustainable working life. We strive to support all employees with flexible working arrangements wherever possible.  This means we provide the conditions for you to perform and nurture your wellbeing – at home and the office, through the changing demands of your life. 

Our workforce is global. We carry out diverse roles in diverse environments. If you’re based in an office, you’ll agree with your leader where and when you’ll collaborate with your colleagues in person, and when you’ll work from home. While we are flexible in where we work, the site and the office provide an important social environment where we can connect, collaborate and deliver. The key is to enable you to balance your personal and professional needs.

We’re always open to discuss any specific requirements you have around work and what you need to succeed. 

At Ørsted, we take a pragmatic approach to hybrid working for office-based employees; most are in the office for part of the week, and work from home for the rest. We believe the decision about this is best made between you and your leader, so you find a balance that that accommodates your tasks, team, and personal commitments.

Nicholas Creswell, Head of Global Talent

Wellbeing at work

At Ørsted, we want to create a healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace. We believe psychological safety is as important as physical safety, and our culture is rooted in trust and respect for our colleagues. 

Ørsted offers competitive health and wellbeing benefits and promotes a sustainable working life within the pillars of balance, care, and energy.  

To help our employees prioritise their own health and well-being, we offer

On-site fitness facilities at select locations, fitness centre discounts and wellness reimbursements


Sustainability is integrated into all corners of our organisation and personal sustainability is a key priority. We encourage employees to meet frequently with their leader to discuss and balance expectations. We want employees to feel safe speaking up to ensure their well-being and a healthy work-life balance.


Caring is an integral aspect of Ørsted’s culture. We listen to our employees and take their views seriously, through surveys on engagement, inclusion, wellbeing, and physical surroundings. We also support our employees with health and wellbeing training and programmes.


Energy plays a vital role at Ørsted. It’s what we produce and it’s also what we want our employees to maintain at work. To help employees preserve and replenish their energy, we offer tools and resources in the areas of fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, mindfulness, smoking cessation and disease prevention. 

Diversity and