Family-friendly workplace

Maternity, paternity, and parental leave

We want everyone who works at Ørsted to have sustainable working lives. A big part of that is creating a family-friendly workplace where parents get the time they need to bond with the children who become part of their family. That’s why we have a global standard of paid parental leave for our employees, no matter what their family constellation is, how they identify, which country they’re employed in, or what their job role is. 

Ørsted supports new parents, and we understand that every family is unique. Our global parental leave policy applies to employees who become parents – regardless of how their family is made up, how the child became a part of the family, how they identify*, which Ørsted office they work in, or what kind of work they do at Ørsted. 

18/12 weeks of paid parental leave 

To make sure that we offer an equitable and inclusive workspace, we distinguish between primary and secondary caregivers. In all of Ørsted’s locations globally, the primary caregiver is entitled to at least 18 weeks of fully paid parental leave and the secondary caregiver to at least 12 weeks within the first year of your child’s arrival in the family. It’s up to you and your partner – if you have one – who you choose to take on the role of primary and secondary caregiver*. 

The global policy – which is supplemented by country-specific guidelines – is the minimum standard for paid parental leave at Ørsted. In countries whose guidelines offer a more generous period of leave, the country’s guidelines take precedence.

Child-bonding time for all parents

We believe in sustainable families. Whether you become a parent by giving birth, adopting, or any other local legal procedure, you’ll need time to bond with your child during the first year. That’s why we support new parents by giving you time to spend with your child – because Ørsted strives to be a workplace where everyone can thrive.

*We comply with the laws in our local markets. Some countries may have legislation that differs in terminology and regulations for parental leave, and country-specific eligibility requirements may apply. But you’re guaranteed the minimum of 18 weeks of fully paid parental leave as a primary caregiver and a minimum of 12 weeks as a secondary caregiver.

Diversity and Inclusion at Ørsted

At Ørsted, our differences make us stronger. We strive to be an inclusive workplace where you’re respected for who you are