Corporate Partnerships

Some see hard-to-abate. We see ready-for-change.

Whether or not you have started your decarbonisation journey or are still in the planning phase, every step takes us closer to a world powered by green energy.

But change on this level takes time, effort and a deep understanding of the realities involved. Not to mention access to an adequate and reliable supply of sustainable energy.

For you, that means setting achievable ESG targets, which is where a corporate partner comes in. Someone who can help you map out every stage of your journey while arming you with the tools to ensure you stick to it. Because they've been there, they've done it themselves - and they know the requirements are always changing.

What is a corporate partnership?

With an eye on improving output and overall performance while introducing more responsible practices, the world’s industries are shifting focus from energy procurement to energy decarbonisation, causing demand for green electrons to reach unprecedented heights. And so, to navigate this growing market, you need a corporate partner who can help you source green power in a way that will enable long-term growth and success without impacting your environmental goals.

The way the world sources energy is changing, as are our mindsets. And being green is no longer viewed as an individual journey, but a collective one.

Partner with Ørsted

We've poured years of experience and know-how into our end-to-end solution development process, and we know exactly how to guide large, energy-intensive corporations through their own green transformations. Whatever stage they are at, whatever volume of green energy they need, and whatever mix of renewable energy solutions they want.

By entering into a corporate partnership with Ørsted, you'll work alongside a team of energy transition specialists ready to develop decarbonisation solutions for your exact needs. We also know the solutions themselves are only part of the picture. Which is why we'll be there to help you build a green vision from the ground up and co-develop the solution prototypes that will ensure your strategy is viable.

As a matter of fact, we’ll be by your side throughout the entirety of your transition. And, as a company that takes pride in our response to the climate crisis, we aim to responsibly decommission all assets at the end-of-life stage, whether you own them or not. So you can rest assured the energy you procure is as green as can be.

From ideation to implementation – and beyond.

Ørsted’s collaborative approach throughout the entire process

Our promise to you

Why do all this? So we can build a world that runs entirely on green energy. By creating enough supply to meet demand, and by making green energy accessible to everyone.

For you, that means we’ll use our own proprietary tools and models to help you optimise even the most complex of situations, covering all possible scenarios and making sure both parties have considered and addressed all possible constraints. That way, we can determine which assets best match your set-up. Be they offshore or onshore wind and solar systems, or energy storage facilities. It also means we can calculate how much hydrogen supply or power to heat you need to fuel your vision, thereby limiting your exposure to unexpected situations – and helping you tackle them when they do appear.

For an optimised decarbonisation strategy at competitive costs.

From renewable sources to renewable energy output

Case studies

At Ørsted, we understand the power of collaboration in helping limit the effects of the climate crisis, just as we understand how many different industries and players this involves. Take a look below for examples of our partnerships with corporations and other entities.

PPA case study

World-leading polymer producer Covestro will offtake power from Ørsted's future Borkum Riffgrund 3 offshore wind farm in Germany.

PPA case study

Northumbrian Water Group takes almost a third of its renewable energy demand from Race Bank offshore wind farm in the UK.

White paper with World Resources Institute

How can governments scale up private sector investment in the renewable energy transition?

Who we are and where we came from

From one of Europe’s most coal-intensive energy companies to the world’s most sustainable energy company in less than a decade, we are experts when it comes to large-scale green transitions. We understand the realities of the situation, and we’re ready to apply our learnings to you.

Why? Because ensuring your green transformation isn’t just business. It’s personal. Watch our journey here.