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Ørsted Head of Investor Relations Rasmus Keglberg Hærvig wearing a suit and glasses.

Rasmus Keglberg Hærvig,
Head of Investor Relations
+45 99 55 90 95

Ørsted Senior Invester Relations Officer Sabine Lohse wearing a green shirt and glasses.

Sabine Lohse,
Lead Investor Relations Officer
+45 99 55 73 60

Ørsted Investor Relation Officer Valdemar Hoegh Andersen.

Valdemar Hoegh Andersen
Investor Relations Officer
+45 99 55 56 71

Ørsted IR Coordinator Henriette Stenderup wearing a yellow shirt.

Henriette Stenderup,
IR Coordinator
+45 99 55 95 23

Christopher Glaf Stenhammer

Christopher Glaf Stenhammer
Finance Graduate

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