In numbers: powering the world with green energy

We’re among the world’s leading renewable energy companies, with a broad range of solutions to help decarbonise the world’s energy system and limit global warming.


Explore the numbers below to see how we’re driving the global transition to green energy and making progress towards net-zero carbon emissions.


We’re on track to reach our target of a 99 % green share of energy generation by 2025.


At Ørsted, we operate onshore and offshore wind farms, solar centres, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen facilities, and bioenergy plants. Our ambition is to have built 35-38 GW of renewable capacity across all green energy technologies by 2030, including 20-22 GW in offshore wind capacity.

Reduction in CO2 emissions from our renewable energy business

Reduction in CO2 emissions from our natural gas sales

g CO2e/kWh (scope 1-3, excl. gas sales)

Million tonnes CO2e (scope 3 from gas sales)

  • Renewable energy business
  • Gas sales
Science-based targets
The next frontier towards our science-based 2040 net-zero target is to reduce emissions from our value chain

Targets in Ørsted’s decarbonisation programme

By 2024

  • By 2024, we aim to phase out coal completely. We’ve reduced the coal consumption in our heat and power production by replacing it with sustainable biomass. One remaining coal-fired power plant will be shut down by 2024.*

By 2025 

  • By 2025, we aim to reduce carbon emissions from our energy generation and operations (Scopes 1-2) by at least 98 % compared with 2006.
  • By the end of 2025, our entire light vehicle fleet will be fully electric.

By 2040

  • By 2040, we aim to reach net-zero emissions across our entire value chain – a decade ahead of the 1.5 °C pathway - by driving out remaining emissions from energy trading and from the supply chain.

* Our target is to phase out coal before 2025. The Danish authorities have ordered us to continue and resume the operation of three of our power station units which use coal and oil until 31 August 2024.

Annual report 2023

Find a comprehensive range of information about Ørsted – including our performance highlights and strategy, as well as our financial and sustainability performance.