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Our approach to sustainability

Creating a lasting positive impact 

As we work to create a world that runs entirely on green energy, we aspire to generate real, lasting positive impacts on nature and society. 

The transition to green energy is the single biggest way to reduce carbon emissions, limiting global heating and its negative knock-on effects, from social injustice to biodiversity loss. We’re proud to be driving this transition forward by working with companies and countries around the world to decarbonise their energy systems through our renewable energy solutions. 

But the speed and scale of the green energy build-out can’t be our only considerations as a sustainable energy company. We need to acknowledge and address the impacts that the build-out itself can have on nature and people.  

To build renewable energy solutions, we need access to sea and land, which means coexistence with nature and those who live and work in these areas. We need to source materials, some of which are scarce or in high demand. And we need a growing workforce with the right skills. 

Our aspiration is to give more back to nature and society than we take – integrating solutions to some of our biggest social and environmental challenges into our green energy projects and creating a lasting positive impact. 

Read on to explore how we’re working to achieve this through our four sustainability priorities – climate, nature, people, and governance – and the sustainability programmes we’re using to address key challenges and opportunities within them. 

Download the Ørsted sustainability report 2022

Sustainability report 2022

Green energy to power lasting positive impact

Discover how our renewable energy solutions are contributing to a planet where nature and people thrive