Could our green transformation inspire yours?

Ørsted was once one of the most coal-intensive energy companies in Europe. Today, we’re one of the world’s most sustainable energy companies, and a global leader in the transition to green energy. 

Our business transformation is a story of technological innovation, steep learning curves and difficult strategic choices that have led to long-term gains. We want to share what we’ve learnt, from our decision to move away from an unsustainable business model based on fossil fuels, to the action we took to build a truly green business – and the benefits and opportunities it's created for us.

Two booklets entitled 'Our green business transformation' sitting on a grey surface
Becoming a sustainable business

Reflections and learnings from our green transformation

In just ten years, we transformed our business from fossil fuel-dependence to renewable energy. Today, we are one of the world’s most sustainable energy companies. Discover our blueprint for green business transformation – from strategy to execution.

Part of something much bigger

Our own green transformation took a decade. But our transformation is a small part of a much bigger transformation – one which is far from complete.

Ørsted CEO Mads Nipper wearing a black suit and glasses.
Everybody who has a position in society or in a company where they’re able to act – through clarity of direction or courage in taking action – has an obligation to do so.
Mads Nipper Chief Executive Officer
If we as a global society are going to reduce carbon emissions in line with the scientific advice, every country and every company needs to speed up action on climate change.
Former Ørsted CEO Henrik Poulsen wearing a black shirt with rolled up sleeves.
As a business, you have to make a profit, but you also need to make a broader contribution to society. We learned that these things aren’t in opposition to each other. In fact, they go hand in hand.
Henrik Poulsen Former Chief Executive Officer

We hope that the story of our transformation will inspire other companies and countries to take the steps necessary to limit the temperature increases that are causing climate change, and having detrimental effects on our global ecosystems. 

As our story shows, green transformation is possible. And it comes with huge opportunities for businesses, economies and local communities.

Let’s work together to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Watch the story of our sustainable business transformation

We made this video in 2021, when we had completed our green transformation. We hope it inspires you to do the same.

The timeline of a transformation

Wind back the clock and explore the key milestones, facts and figures behind our transformation.
Ørsted today
Timeline 2016-2019
The end of a fossil era
Quote by Henrik Poulsen
Timeline: Ready to go Public
Levelised Cost of Electricity
Time line april-november 2015
Timeline: August 2012-February 2014
Quote by Henrik Poulsen
Timeline January 2009-February 2011
Dong Energy

* Our target is to phase out coal before 2025. The Danish authorities have ordered us to continue and resume the operation of three of our power station units which use coal and oil until 31 August 2024.

Powering the world with green energy

In numbers: see how we’re driving the global transition to green energy and making progress towards net-zero carbon emissions.