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Sponsorships and partnerships 
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With our sponsorships and partnerships we aim to support progress towards our vision, promote awareness and education regarding sustainability, or represent value to the local communities in which we do business. 

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo.

WWF World Wildlife Fund

We joined forces with WWF to protect and restore ocean biodiversity when building offshore wind.   

Climate change and biodiversity loss are closely interrelated crises and, by uniting our expertise in offshore wind and nature protection, we can address them both, together. In partnership, we want to show governments and industry what can be done. 

National Changhua University of Education (NCUE)

We partnered with National Changhua University of Education (NCUE) in Changhua County, Taiwan. The partnership brings offshore wind knowledge into elementary school classrooms throughout Changhua, with the co-developed green syllabus of ‘’Energy Transformation- Pride of Changhua Wind’’ for 11-12 year-olds.  

A lion leaning forward to drink water from a lake.

The Natural History Museum

We have a long-term partnership with the Natural History Museum in London. 

We sponsor the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which showcases the beauty of the planet we call home and the wildlife that inhabits it while raising awareness of threats to the natural world. We also support the Generate: Scientists of the Future programme, helping to shape schoolchildren’s attitudes to and aspirations in science. 

Sponsorship policy

Ørsted’s vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Through our sponsorship policy, we aim to support progress towards our vision and to promote awareness and education regarding sustainability, or represent value to the local communities in which we do business. In addition, we also sponsor broader social and charitable initiatives that create a positive societal impact.

Ørsted receives many applications for sponsorships and donations, and we‘re only able to accommodate a small fraction of the requests we receive.

As a matter of principle, we do not enter into sponsorship agreements with political parties, organisations, campaigns or candidates, religious purposes or individual persons. When operating in local communities, we cannot, as a matter of principle, support purposes where local government officials or negotiation partners have private interests. For specific requests related to sponsorships and donations, please write to

Innovation at Ørsted 

From solutions designed to improve working conditions for offshore crews, to the technological world firsts helping us lower the cost of offshore wind.