At the core of our business

In our daily work, we sometimes face questions where the answer is not straightforward. Usually, this is because different interests and considerations are at stake and we need to strike the right balance. For some of these questions, we have prepared a policy to clarify our position.

In some cases, a policy is required by law. In other cases, a policy is necessary in order for our stakeholders and business partners to understand how we work, and what we expect. Finally, a policy may create a foundation for a common approach to an issue across a large company such as ours.

Sustainability commitment
Code of Conduct for business partners
Local engagement
Good business conduct
Sustainable biomass sourcing
Stakeholder engagement
Global diversity & inclusion
Modern Slavery Act Statements

Company-wide sustainability structure

Responsibility for our sustainability performance is integral to the leadership team. The Board of Directors is the highest authority that oversees our sustainability work.