Creating a diverse and inclusive renewable energy sector

A cornerstone of our culture is the belief in equal rights and opportunities. With a growing global footprint, we believe in creating an inclusive workforce and supply chain through safe spaces for all identities. 

Why is an inclusive workforce and supply chain important?

A just and green energy build-out can only succeed if it’s inclusive and equitable. At Ørsted, that starts with our own business and operations. We aspire to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce while building an inclusive supply chain that reflects the worldwide community we serve.  

What are we doing? 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is embedded in the core of our approach and global growth. We continuously work to improve our organisation’s gender balance and expand our diversity efforts and initiatives beyond our own workforce, and not limited to gender.  

How are we doing?  

A current key focus for this programme is improving the gender balance within Ørsted.  

Gender balance, total workforce (%)

Gender balance, people leaders (%)

Gender balance, senior directors and above (%)

Latest updates from 2023  

  • We introduced a toolkit to help employees and leaders make our workplace more accessible for everyone. The toolkit offers guidance on physical accessibility, tech accessibility, and everyday behaviour that makes our environment inclusive for employees with disabilities.

  • We kept working on increasing the share of women in executive and managerial positions through targeted development programmes for women and with our ‘Female Spotlight Initiative’, which prepares women for senior leadership positions.

  • We set up a new training programme that helps participants create an equitable and inclusive workplace.

  • “Ørsted IN”, a global hub for our inclusion networks, continued its work. The hub has channels for anyone identifying with a specific group or serving as an ally supporting equality and inclusion. It provides psychologically safe communities for members to share ideas or seek advice.

  • Current active networks include Race and Ethnicity IN, Gender IN, Disability IN, LGBTQ+ IN, and 50+ IN.

  • We’re committed to ensuring equal pay for equal positions and competences when hiring or promoting employees. We conduct an annual gender pay gap report for all the countries where we operate with more than 250 employees.

What’s next?  

We aim to integrate our DE&I efforts into structures beyond our workforce and strengthen processes and practices that promote diversity in all its forms.

We’ll continue to diversify our pool of talent, find ways to include more diverse businesses into our supply chains, and increase our equity efforts.

Key information


Through our relevant networks, we participate in knowledge sharing and strive towards the common agenda to create more diverse and inclusive environments:

  • Above & Beyond

  • UN Women’s Empowerment Principles

  • Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy

  • EMEA D&I network

  • POWERful Women UK

  • Women in Engineering

International frameworks

  • UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business
  • UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
  • UN Women Working Group


Accountability lies with our Chief Human Resources Officer.


These efforts contribute towards the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

Our sustainability efforts

Skills and talent for the green transformation  

We’re working to develop talent within Ørsted, grow the renewable energy workforce, and build the next generation of green energy professionals