Science-based climate action 

We’re following science to tackle emissions across our value chain and deliver fully decarbonised energy solutions.

Taking action on climate change is our biggest contribution to society. The core of our business as a renewable energy major is to work with governments, customers, and industries to decarbonise energy systems using our renewable energy solutions – including offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, and Power-to-X.

But we aspire to more. We work to deliver renewable energy solutions that not only generate green energy but also reduce emissions throughout the manufacturing, installation, transportation, and operation of our renewable energy assets. In doing so, we actively contribute to the transition to the net-zero economy we so urgently need.

We’re working to find, test, pilot, and scale new technologies that will allow us to achieve this – including in sectors like steel and shipping, which are particularly hard to decarbonise. And we need to do it in collaboration within and across industries.

In this area of our work, the path ahead is clear – but there’s still some way to go. Our overall ambition is to reach net-zero across our entire value chain (scope 1-3) by 2040, a target which has been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). 

Read more about our climate targets, priorities and efforts that’ll help us meet them below.  

Key sustainability targets 
  • Scope 1-2 emissions intensity: 98 % reduction by 2025 and 99 % reduction by 2030 (from 2006)

  • Scope 1-3 emissions intensity (excl. natural gas sales): 77 % reduction by 2030, and 99 % reduction by 2040 (from 2018)

  • Scope 3 emissions (from natural gas sales): 67 % reduction by 2030, and 90 % reduction by 2040 (from 2018)

Increasing transparency of supply chain emissions with asset-specific lifecycle assessments

Today, the largest share of carbon emissions from the lifecycle of our offshore wind farms comes from our supply chain. To improve transparency of these emissions, we now report externally on the supply chain emissions linked to our specific offshore assets, rather than relying on estimates for an average wind farm, which is the common industry practice.
Sustainability Focus area

Green energy that revives nature

We want to lead a build-out of green energy where each energy project contributes positively to thriving nature.