A green transformation that works for people

Green energy must work for the many, not the few. We want to deliver a rapid build-out of renewable energy that leaves no one behind. 

Creating positive benefits for people
We’ve set out to develop an industry framework for social impact, laying the foundations for a renewable energy sector that creates positive benefits for people.

Climate action is about more than lowering carbon emissions and developing new green technologies. As a leading global renewable energy company, we want to drive a build-out that works for people. 

Done right, the build-out of renewable energy can be a force for social justice, with the power to fundamentally reshape how our societies look and operate.

At the core of our work, we need to have robust human rights practices in place across our entire business. That includes our own operations, our supply chains, and the communities where we’re present.

Beyond our core focus on human rights, we have dedicated sustainability efforts to ensure that we: 

  • support thriving communities where we build and operate our renewable energy assets

  • provide a safe, flexible, and inspiring workplace for our employees

  • ensure the safety of our contractors

  • take active part in developing skills and talent for the green energy sector of tomorrow

  • promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive energy sector

  • source metals and minerals responsibly when building our green energy assets.

Read more about our key sustainability goals in this area and explore our sustainability priorities below. 

Key sustainability targets 
  • Further develop and integrate human rights due diligence in our management system.

  • Achieve a total recordable injury rate (TRIR) of 2.5 per million hours worked by 2025.

  • Reach a 40:60 gender balance between women and men across our workforce by 2030.

  • Be in the top 25 % among benchmarking companies for employee satisfaction.

Our sustainability efforts

Thriving communities 

We want local communities around our renewable energy assets to play a part in shaping the green energy transition and to share in the benefits it can generate.

Renewable energy talent

We’re working to develop talent within Ørsted, grow the renewable energy workforce, and build the next generation of green energy professionals 

Managing human rights

We’re committed to respecting human rights in everything we do – across our entire value chain.

Sourcing metals and minerals responsibly 

We’re working closely with our suppliers and industry partners to find responsible ways to source the metals and minerals we rely on to build our green energy solutions.

Creating a diverse and inclusive renewable energy sector 

We aspire to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce while building an inclusive supply chain that reflects the worldwide community we serve.

Safe and better ways of working 

We take a holistic and preventive approach to employee well-being where mental, physical, and social health are prioritised equally.
Sustainability Focus area

Governance that enables the right decisions

We’re working to integrate sustainability and integrity into processes and decision-making across our organisation.