Skills and talent for the green transformation

We’ve committed to building and growing the pool of people with the skills to push the global green energy transition forward. We’re building our global talent pool by tapping into different talent communities around the world. 

Why do we need to strengthen the global green workforce?


Demand for renewable energy solutions continues to grow. This is great news for the global green transformation. But if we’re to achieve our collective goals, we need more renewable energy talents who can help us turn these ambitions into reality. At Ørsted, that means building an organisation designed to help foster and nurture talent on a local and global level.


Already now, the demand for appropriately skilled talent exceeds talent supply. The scarcity of people with the requisite expertise for the green energy build-out on all levels – from developing and manufacturing to installing and operating energy systems – will only increase.

We also need to look beyond our internal employee development efforts and play our part in growing the global pool of professionals for the renewable energy sector as a whole. 

What are we doing?

We aim to strike a balance between short-term needs and long-term goals. That means improving internal employee development while expanding efforts to build a global external talent pool. 

To do this, we’re focusing on three areas: 

  1. Building a new generation of renewable energy professionals: We’re working to nurture people’s climate and renewable energy knowledge across disciplines. We want to contribute to promoting all those who aspire to continue the journey towards a world that runs entirely on green energy – as engineers, technicians, educators, policymakers, or anything in between. 

  2. Bringing the right mix of professionals into the renewable energy sector: By working with governments, educational institutions, and unions, we aim to identify those areas where there are skills gaps and bridge the gaps together.

  3. Supporting green innovation: We want to be a vehicle for advancing innovative potential to accelerate the global green energy transition.

Latest updates from 2022  

Internally and externally, we launched or achieved the following objectives:  


  • Implemented a global job architecture, career, and competency framework to create greater transparency with regards to role requirements. 

  • Launched three leadership programmes to help our employees build and sustain healthy and supportive working cultures.

  • Hired 53 graduates of 20 different nationalities.

  • Ran four talent programmes to help employees grow their leadership potential and skills.

  • Ran our third Global Learning Week to help our employees develop their knowledge and skill sets.


  • Hired more than 2,000 people worldwide.

  • Launched our first accelerator programme for start-ups, Ørsted Propel, in the Netherlands.

  • Began a collaboration with youth organisation Student Energy to identify skills gaps in the global energy transition.

  • Completed Prosperity Partnership, a five-year R&D collaboration with various UK universities and Siemens Gamesa to support relevant PhD students.


What’s next?  

Internally, we’ll continue to support our people leaders so they can grow their talent and help us build more inclusive working environments. 

Externally, we’ll march forward with initiatives to build skills, raise awareness, and educate – about and for the renewable energy sector.

Key information 


  • We promote talent through a variety of partnerships and university collaborations, scholarships, and apprenticeship schemes. We’re founding partners of Windclusion, a global initiative to promote inclusion and diversity in the wind industry. 
  • To raise awareness of STEM education and nurture interest in the renewable energy sector, we organise a ‘Girls’ Day in Science’ in Denmark every year. 


Accountability lies with our Chief Human Resources Officer. 

This programme contributes towards the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

sustainability  programme

Safe and better ways of working 

We take a holistic and preventive approach to employee well-being where mental, physical, and social health are prioritised equally.