Our communities

At Ørsted, we're passionate about the communities in which we operate.

Our wind farms help strengthen communities and transform local economies in four ways:

  • Supporting landowners: The farmers and ranchers who host our wind farms receive lease payments that provide stable, long-term income, cushioning them from unpredictable agricultural prices while allowing them to continue to farm the land around the turbines.
  • Increasing tax revenues: Wind farms like ours generate millions in new property tax revenue. The added tax base can be directed into local school districts, infrastructure and enhanced county services.
  • Investing directly in the local economy: We reach out to landowners and community leaders to understand their needs and expectations so we can leverage our green energy investment into increased local prosperity.
  • Creating more jobs: The U.S. wind power industry employs over 100,000 workers across 500 factories in 42 states. On a local level, wind projects create hundreds of jobs – during the construction phase and beyond. 

The Lockett Wind Farm in Wilbarger County, TX, delivers a significant economic boost to the local community. Over the life of the project, we'll contribute upwards of USD 70 million in property taxes, all of which will go towards local schools and infrastructure improvements.

Brown Texas Longhorn cattle standing in the forefront of several wind turbines.

Our onshore wind farms

We are firm believers in the massive potential that wind energy holds as a renewable energy source.