Sustainability governance

To make business a force for good, all decisions and processes across the organisation need to pull in the same direction. This requires carefully considered business governance. The way we organise and govern our sustainability work ensures transparency and accountability. 

We want sustainability and integrity to be integrated into processes and decision-making across our organisation. Ørsted’s Board of Directors is the highest authority to oversee our sustainability work, while the Executive Management team is accountable for our sustainability programmes, with specialist support from appointed committees. The chart below shows where and how sustainability is governed at Ørsted. 

Sustainability governance


Diagram displaying Ørsted's sustainability governance in its Board of Directors, Audit & Risk Committee, and Internal Audit.
Diagram displaying Ørsted's sustainability governance in its Executive Committee, Compliance Committee, Sustainability Committee, and QHSE Committee.
Diagram displaying Ørsted's sustainability governance in its business areas and global functions.

Policies and positions

Our policies clarify the positions we take on issues of relevance to our stakeholders and help address stakeholder concerns and questions. 
Our policies build a foundation and common approach to specific issues of relevance to our company and stakeholders. Some of these policies are required by law, while others have been put in place to help stakeholders and business partners understand how we work, or to set out what we expect of them.  
The policies can help answer questions that arise about Ørsted’s business and operations and set a level playing field from which to address the stakeholder interests and questions we face every day.  
Below, you can see the policies related to some of our most important and frequently referenced positions. 
Sustainability commitment
Code of Conduct for business partners
Working hours
Human Rights policy
Good business conduct
Sustainable biomass sourcing
Resource management
Water management
Stakeholder engagement
Global diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination policies
Just Transition

We want sustainable energy to empower people, business and societies.


Read more about our sustainability commitment

Our Code provides the foundation for our continuous engagement with business partners on their ethical, social, and environmental performance.

Read more about our Code of Conduct for business partners 

We work to ensure a sustainable, responsible, and inclusive working environment with fair labour and employment standards across all the markets where we operate.

Read more about our working hours

It is a priority for Ørsted to ensure that we identify, prevent, mitigate, and remedy any potential adverse human rights impacts either caused or contributed by, or directly linked to, our own activities and business relationships. This policy describes the way in which we respect human rights as described in relevant legislation as well as international standards and conventions.

Read more about our Human Rights policy

We must act with integrity in our business dealings. Our policy underlines zero tolerance of bribery and similar corrupt practices, fraud and other types of inappropriate business behaviour.

Read more in Good business conduct

The policy shows how we ensure and document the sustainability of our sourced biomass.

Read more about our sustainable biomass sourcing

We outline how we incorporate quality, health, safety and the environment in all our decisions and actions.

Read more about our QHSE policy

We commit to sustainable consumption and production patterns and integrate a circular design in our resource management processes.

Read more in our Resource management policy

We commit to ensure that water consumption and discharge are managed responsibly, particularly in regions of water scarcity.

Read more in our Water management policy

We work to serve the needs of our customers and the societies we are part of. The policy outlines the principles behind our stakeholder dialogue.

Read more in Stakeholder engagement

Read more in Advocacy memberships

A responsible approach to tax is essential to the long-term sustainability of our business. Our tax policy sets forward the principles by which we manage our tax affairs.

Read more about our tax policy

The Offshore wind biodiversity policy supports our efforts to protect the natural environment in areas where we develop, construct and operate offshore wind farms

Read more in the Offshore wind biodiversity policy

Inclusion of Diversity at Ørsted
Diversity, equality and inclusion are integral to our culture and the way we do business. We encourage diversity of thought and expression because different perspectives lead to better solutions and a thriving workplace.

Read our policy on Global diversity & inclusion policy.

Upholding a safe environment free of bullying, discrimination, and harassment
Ørsted is dedicated to ensuring a safe and inclusive working environment for all employees. Upholding Ørsted’s guiding principles means actively working to create a working environment that is free from bullying, discrimination, and harassment. Such behaviours are unacceptable, as all Ørsted employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  In our annual People Matter survey, we measure and follow up on bullying and harassment.

Read Ørsted’s policy on bullying and harassment here.

The renewable energy transition must work for the many, not the few. This policy outlines how we aim to ensure a just transition. 

Read more about our just transition policy
Modern Slavery Act Statements 

Download the 2021 Modern Slavery Act Statement for all UK and DK entities in scope


Download the 2020 Modern Slavery Act Statement for all relevant UK and DK entities

Download pdf

Download the signed Modern Slavery Act Statements:

Download the 2019 Modern Slavery Act Statement for all UK entities




Through our certifications, which are third-party verified by international standards bodies, we ensure that the quality of our health, safety, and environmental processes and management systems are of the highest standards.

Below, you can see a selection of our certifications.

Download Ørsted’s ISO-45001 certificate

All our operational sites, where Ørsted is responsible for executing the servicing and maintenance activities, are covered by the multisite certificate ISO 45001.

Download Ørsted’s ISO-14001 certificate

All our operational sites, where Ørsted is responsible for executing the servicing and maintenance activities, are covered by the multisite certificate ISO 14001.


We advance the global sustainability agenda with our memberships. 
Through our memberships, we help advance global sustainability agendas such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement and become inspired to improve our own sustainability performance. Ørsted is a signatory of the UN Global Compact, a CDP renewable energy partner, and a close partner of WWF Denmark. 
Below, you can see all of our sustainability-related memberships. 

Ørsted and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Through our sustainability strategy, we advance our positive contributions to society and minimise potential adverse impacts.

Ørsted’s business aspires to catalyse change to address the climate emergency, the most pressing societal challenge of our time. Our commitment to help create a world that runs entirely on green energy is our commitment to help limit climate change, which is central to progressing action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a renewable energy company, we aspire to have a transformative impact on SDGs 7 and 13, while contributing to several others as well.


UN Stewardship Coalition


UN Global Compact 


Ørsted is a participant in the United Nations’
Global Compact (UNGC), and we adhere to
its ten principles around human rights, labour,
environment, and anti-corruption. We report
annually on progress through the Communication
on Progress.

We are a member of ‘Caring for Climate’, the
‘Ocean Stewardship Coalition’, and ‘Think Lab on
Just Transition’ through which we aim to serve as
a catalyst for enhancing action to meet the ambitions
of the Paris Agreement and the UN SDGs.

Sustainability report 2022

Green energy to power lasting positive impact

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