Power-to-X: Our green hydrogen projects and other green fuels projects


Where we operate

We’re working with leading partners in Europe and the US to develop large-scale production of renewable hydrogen and other green fuels.

Find out more about each of our green fuel projects below
  • 1. The Westküste 100 project, Germany

    On Northern Germany's west coast, we’re working with regional and international companies from industry, development, and research to produce, store, transport, and use green hydrogen. As part of several sub-projects we will, together with the Heide refinery and Hynamics Deutschland, build a 30 MW electrolyser, producing green hydrogen for use in refinery processes and in the local heating infrastructure, and to be stored in a cavern. Moreover, the project will gain insights into the building of a circular economy by researching the cross-sector use of hydrogen, CO2, and O2 in e.g. cement production. With the operation of the electrolyser and the subsequent use of the green hydrogen, the project will obtain fundamental economic, technological, and scientific findings.

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  • 2. Green Fuels for Denmark

    We’ve partnered with leading Danish companies to develop industrial-scale production of renewable hydrogen and sustainable e-fuels for road, maritime, and air transport.

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  • 3. The SeaH2Land programme, Netherlands 

    Ørsted's SeaH2Land programme involves the phased development of more than 1 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030 in the province of Zeeland, Netherlands. Long-term decarbonisation of heavy industry requires green hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources such as offshore wind. Major industrial companies in the Dutch-Flemish North Sea Port cluster support our SeaH2Land programme.

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  • 4. Project Haddock, Netherlands 

    The Haddock project can become one of the key large-scale projects to enable the Netherlands to realise its large renewable hydrogen potential. With the Haddock project, we’re developing a 100 MW wind-powered electrolyser plant for the production of renewable hydrogen. It’s the intention that Yara, a large fertiliser company in the Dutch province of Zeeland, will buy a significant part of the renewable hydrogen to produce green ammonia, among other things.

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  • 5. H2RES, Denmark

    We’re constructing a 2 MW electrolysis plant at Avedøre Power Station in Denmark. The plant will use electricity from the offshore wind turbines next to the site to produce renewable hydrogen for road transport.

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  • 6. OYSTER

    In the OYSTER project, we’ve partnered with three companies to demonstrate and investigate a combined wind turbine and electrolyser system designed for operation in marine environments.

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  • 7. FlagshipONE, Sweden

    Ørsted’s largest and most strategic Power-to-X investment to date is called FlagshipONE and is located in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

    The project has moved to the construction phase, and when it’s completed in 2025, it will supply 50,000 tonnes of e-methanol yearly to the global maritime industry.

    FlagshipONE is poised to become Europe’s largest facility for the production of e-methanol, and it marks the beginning of a new industrial adventure for Sweden and for Europe.

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  • 8. Project Star, US
    We’ve partnered with the world’s largest container shipping company, Maersk, to develop the world’s largest e-methanol facility for shipping. The project will be based on the US Gulf Coast and use onshore wind and solar PV to produce 300,000 tonnes of e-methanol per year. 
  • 9. The Idomlund Project, Denmark

    We’ve joined forces with Skovgaard Energy to develop a large-scale Power-to-X facility in western Denmark. The first phase of the project will have an expected electrolysis capacity of 150 MW and will be powered by onshore wind and solar PV. The facility’s capacity could increase to more than 3 GW. 

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Power-to-X technology

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