Better, faster, smarter: Harnessing innovation to create the green energy systems of tomorrow

Innovation is critical to delivering greater value across our core technologies, and reaching our vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy.

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Better, faster, smarter is an interactive report presenting an overview of some of the innovation initiatives we’re pursuing at Ørsted. Explore across three parts:

Offshore excellence
Discover how we’re using state-of-the-art technology like statistical modelling and heavy-lift drones to lower costs and enhance performance across the full lifecycle of our offshore assets.

Systems integration
Explore initiatives that can help decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors, while offering the world a sustainable, stable and affordable supply of green energy.

Partnering for impact
We’re collaborating with innovators around the world to scale up technologies and advance the green transition, minimise the carbon footprint of renewables in manufacturing and construction, and preserve sustainable ecosystems.

To find out more, read or download Better, faster, smarter by clicking the link below.

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