Ørsted 2021 Sustainability Report

Green energy for the planet and its people

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How does the world’s most sustainable energy company see the future of renewable energy?

Find out in the Ørsted 2021 Sustainability Report, Green energy for the planet and its people.

The build-out of renewable energy is the critical lever for tackling climate change and getting on track for a 1.5 °C pathway. It will be a colossal undertaking – and will soon reach a scale where it can fundamentally change the way our societies look and operate.

In our 2021 Sustainability Report we outline why the green build-out, if done with sustainability at its heart, holds unprecedented opportunities to create growth in economies, revitalise local communities, and make a net-positive contribution to biodiversity.

We also share key learnings from our projects, and insights from those on the front-line of sustainability challenges.

We invite you to read this report and join us in making green energy a force for good – far beyond delivering zero-emissions energy.  

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