Onshore wind

An unlimited and renewable resource

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At Ørsted, we are evolving into onshore wind. Today,
we operate 1GW of onshore wind assets in the U.S. 
– and we're just getting started.

Onshore wind: Amazon Texas man on windmill

Benefits of onshore wind

Wind power has the potential to strengthen communities, transform local economies and meet all our energy needs.

Our customers

We work with global industry leaders to create flexible, cost-competitive clean energy solutions that pave the way to a greener future.

Onshore wind farms

Ørsted is a leading global developer, owner and operator of wind farms. Find out about each location, the number of turbines, and how much energy each farm produces.

Health, safety and environment

We systematically collect data from our wind farms and solar facilities to continuously improve our environmental protection standards as well as the health and safety standards for our employees.