Procurement negotiates and concludes procurement contracts on goods and services for Ørsted

Procurement is in charge of negotiating and concluding procurement contracts on goods and services for the Ørsted Group.

Procurement's role is to enter into contracts that will create value for the entire Ørsted Group. Value which is achieved by utilising synergies throughout the Group and by negotiating effective financial and legal conditions for the procurement.

In addition, we create value by strategically utilising our knowledge of the market.

Procurement is structured as follows:

  • Indirect Procurement – Responsible for procurement across the Group. 
  • Customer Solutions Procurement – Responsible for procurement to the part of the Group that is in charge of sale and distribution of power.
  • Bioenergy & Thermal Power – Responsible for procurement to the part of the Group that is in charge of producing electricity, investing in new energy technologies by replacing fossil fuels with sustainable biomass and waste and by ensuring sustainable storage.
  • Offshore Wind Procurement – Responsible for procurement in relation to our offshore wind farms.
  • IT Procurement – Responsible for procurement related to IT activities. 
  • Procurement Excellence – Conducting strategic supplier and market analysis.

Tendering in Procurement

This page provides information about the procurement procedure applied by Procurement when making purchases for the Group. It describes the legislation Ørsted has to comply with and the tender process we follow.

In addition, it gives an overview of who to contact if you have any questions in relation to Procurement at Ørsted.

Current legislation

We strive to enter into contracts that can be used by the entire Ørsted Group


Online procurement tool for collecting price quotes, supplier information, and tender documents.

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Offshore Wind Procurement

Responsible for sourcing of the various goods and services going into the construction and/or operation of our wind farms.

Requirements for vendor invoices

In order to ensure correct bookkeeping and payment on time of received invoices, the following requirements must be observed.

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