Requirements for invoicing Ørsted


Please ensure that you meet the following requirements when invoicing Ørsted for goods or services.

If you do not meet these requirements, Ørsted reserves the right to reject the invoice.

  • Ørsted purchase order number must be stated on the first page of the invoice

  • The invoicing address must be in accordance with the information on the purchase order

  • The invoice must comply with any country mandatory legislation and general invoice requirements

  • Any proforma invoices must be followed up with an original invoice

The invoice must be sent as an electronic invoice. Find the GLN/EAN number on the purchase order or in this list

If not possible to send an electronic invoice, please send the invoice as PDF to

Ørsted wants to reduce the carbon footprint wherever it is possible. As a consequence, we want to reduce the receipt of paper invoices to an absolute minimum. Please use one of our above mentioned electronic ways to send us your invoices. Thank you  

Any questions?
Contact Financial Services

Phone: +45 99 55 11 11
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