Offshore wind

Limitless supply. Limitless opportunity

Wind mill farm

As a global leader within clean energy, we contribute to transforming the world's energy systems from fossil based to carbon neutral sources of energy.

Offshore wind farms

We are the global leader in developing and building offshore wind farms. Find out about each location, the number of turbines, and how much energy each farm produces.

View of wind mill park
Hornsea project two wind mill compared to vindeby wind mill graphic

Market expansion

We're getting bigger


In 2022, we finish our giant 1,400MW Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm, based on turbines around 20 times as powerful as the ones used for Vindeby.

Close up of wind mill

Next generation wind technology

Innovative design of wind power components such as aerodynamic smart blades and sensors continue to be critical to achieving our renewable energy goals.

Health, safety and environment

We systematically collect data from our offshore wind farms to continuously improve our environmental protection standards as well as the health and safety standards for our employees. 

Co-creating a safety culture

Ørsted collaborates with contractors on incident management to boost safety for everyone on Ørsted’s projects and sites