Our heat and power plants

Highly efficient electricity and district heating production

Our seven combined heat and power (CHP) plants, one heat plant, and one peak load power plant make a vital contribution to Denmark’s electricity and district heating grids. Whether running on sustainable biomass or natural gas, they use the latest technology to operate as efficiently as possible with a minimal environmental impact.

Meanwhile in the UK, our Renescience waste-to-energy plant uses household waste to produce electricity and materials that can be used in manufacturing, construction, and land restoration.

Read on to find out more details about each of these plants.
Danish combined heat and power plants
  • Avedøre

    Location: Hvidovre municipality, south of Copenhagen

    Power-generating capacity: 806 MW

    Heat-generating capacity: 953 MJ/s

    Main fuels: Sustainable wood pellets, straw

    Secondary fuels: Natural gas, oil, coal (until 2023)

    In operation since 1990

    Biomass conversion: 2003 (Avedøre 2); 2016 (Avedøre 1)

    The iconic heat and power station at Avedøre is one of the most efficient in the world, using up to 89 % of the energy in its fuel mix to produce heat and power for hundreds of thousands of Danish homes.

    Avedoere power plant
  • Asnæs

    Location: Kalundborg, Zealand

    Power-generating capacity: 26 MW

    Heat-generating capacity: 125 MJ/s

    Main fuels: Sustainable wood chips

    In operation since 1959

    Biomass conversion: 2019

    Along with producing heat and power for tens of thousands of Danish homes, Asnæs heat and power station also provides steam to Novo Nordisk and Novozymes for use in manufacturing processes.

  • Esbjerg

    Location: West coast of Jutland

    Power-generating capacity: 373 MW

    Heat-generating capacity: 444 MJ/s

    Main fuels: Coal, oil

    In operation since: 1992

    Ørsted’s heat and power station in Esbjerg is Ørsted’s only remaining coal-fired CHP and will close in 2023. 

  • H.C. Ørsted

    Location: Sydhavnen, Copenhagen

    Power-generating capacity: 21 MW

    Heat-generating capacity: 292 MJ/s

    Fuel: Natural gas

    In operation since: 1920

    Converted from coal into natural gas in 1985


    A part of the Copenhagen skyline for over a century, H.C. Ørsted heat and power station provides district heating for 25,000 households in the Danish capital. When it was built, it was the largest power station in Denmark. 

  • Herning
    Location: Central Jutland
    Power-generating capacity: 88 MW
    Heat-generating capacity: 191 MJ/s
    Main fuels: Sustainable wood chips, sustainable wood pellets
    Secondary fuel: Natural gas
    In operation since: 1982
    Biomass conversion: 2009

    Herning heat and power station was rebuilt in 2009 to run on sustainably sourced biomass.
  • Skærbæk
    Location: Kolding Fjord, southern Jutland
    Power-generating capacity: 390 MW
    Heat-generating capacity: 579 MJ/s
    Fuel: Sustainable wood chips
    Secondary fuel: Natural gas
    In operation since: 1951
    Biomass conversion: 2017

    Situated close to Ørsted’s office, Skærbæk heat and power plant provides sustainable district heating to 60,000 homes in the Triangle Region of Denmark.
  • Studstrup

    Location: Aarhus municipality, east coast of Jutland

    Power-generating capacity: 362 MW

    Heat-generating capacity: 513 MJ/s

    Fuel: Sustainable wood pellets

    In operation since: 1968

    Biomass conversion: 2016

    Converted from coal to sustainable wood pellets, Studstrup heat and power plant is one of the largest biomass-fuelled power stations in the world, providing enough power and heat for hundreds of thousands of Danish homes.

Danish heat plant
  • Svanemølle

    Location: Nordhavn, Copenhagen

    Heat-generating capacity: 256 MJ/s

    Fuel: Natural gas

    In operation since: 1953

    Converted from coal into oil and gas in 1994, and to gas alone in 2014

    Originally built to supplement heat and power production at H.C. Ørsted CHP on the other side of central Copenhagen, Svanemølle is now a heat plant which supplies around 6000 homes with district heating. 

Danish peak load power plant
  • Kyndby

    Location: Hornsherred, Zealand

    Power-generating capacity: 404 MW

    Fuels: Diesel, natural gas

    In operation since: 1940

    Kyndby power station provides emergency and peak-load electricity for the island of Zealand. That means it can be started up within minutes if there are problems elsewhere in the grid.

    Kyndby Power Station
UK waste-to-energy plant
  • Renescience Northwich
    Location: Northwich, Cheshire, northwest England
    Power-generating capacity: 3 MW
    Waste-processing capacity: 80,000 tonnes per year
    Materials produced: recycled metals and plastics, inerts and gravel, digestate
    In operation since: 2020

    The Northwich plant is the first commercial-size facility using Renescience technology to sort and process waste. It serves as a prototype which we’ll learn from in the development of similar future plants.


To turn our waste into something we can re-use. That is exactly what Renescience technology does.