Floating offshore wind energy


What is floating offshore wind energy and why Ørsted is investing in this new technology

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Floating wind turbines can bring offshore renewable energy generation to new waters, expanding the global resource potential of offshore wind energy. Today, floating offshore wind has begun the same maturation and cost-out journey, which made fixed-bottom offshore wind a competitive renewable energy technology at scale. Learn how Ørsted is partnering with other leading solutions providers to develop and mature floating wind and to realise its great potential. 

Here, you can learn more about:  

  • Floating offshore wind energy  
    The technical potential of floating offshore wind energy and how this new technology will become a large mix within the world’s energy system
  • Coastlines with technical potential for floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind   
    An overview of fixed-bottom and of floating wind energy potential   
  • Speeding up floating offshore wind deployment  
    Floating offshore wind energy continues to mature quickly, from small pilot projects, with government commitments with multiple GWs.  
  • How it’s done  
    The different technical solutions that will help make commercial-scale floating projects a reality  

  • Ørsted’s work with floating wind 
    We lay out our belief in floating offshore wind and why our industry-leading experience will extend to the floating offshore space 
  • Our floating offshore wind projects 
    An overview of current floating portfolio and where we are exploring future projects globally  


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