Distant view of an offshore wind farm.

Ørsted would like to make meteorological data more accessible, to facilitate research, education and development in renewable energy. Data from the following three offshore meteorological stations have been made available for use by researchers and the public:

Lidar data: 10-minute statistics for wind measurements from Lidars installed at:

1) Anholt offshore wind farm (ANH)

2) Westermost Rough offshore wind farm (WMR)

3) FINO2 offshore meteorological station (FINO2)

Other sources of data may be added to this set and made public later in 2019.

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions and ensure that your intended application does not breach these. 

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of the use of this website, the data can be downloaded immediately below.


Other public sources of meteorological data

In addition to sharing these data sources, Ørsted would like to increase publicity towards other publicly available data sources:

http://www.marinedataexchange.co.uk/wind-data.aspx : Open-access exchange including raw, cleaned and modelled wind data from various meteorological masts, LiDAR systems and meteorological buoys around the UK.

Winddata.com : Publicly accessible data for onshore and offshore wind farms and meteorological stations, with affordable payment options available, and free access for Danish users. 

https://globalwindatlas.info/ : Free web-based wind data available world-wide, using re-analysis data and mesoscale modelling with great potential for identifying new areas for wind farm development.

https://opendata.edp.com/explore : Open access wind farm data for one site in Portugal, including failure log.

Ørsted Offshore Operational Data:

In addition to meteorological data, Ørsted shares operational data from offshore wind farms with selected research projects. Please click here for more information.