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Green energy right, now

The transition to green energy can achieve even more than reducing emissions, if we work together now to build it right.

Our approach to nature-based climate solutions in The Gambia

Peter Kofod Kristensen, Ørsted’s Director of Bioenergy Sustainability, explains our approach to nature-based climate solutions such as restoring mangroves in The Gambia.   

We can decarbonise shipping with the right ingredients – and the right catalysts

Olivia Breese, Ørsted’s Senior Vice President, Head of Power-to-X and interim CEO of Region Europe, explains what it will take to power global shipping with e-methanol – and the latest steps we’re taking in the right direction.

Four ways to make the sunlight last all day

Toni Darwish, Director of Development, and David Dixon, Director of Procurement for Region Americas discuss flexible energy systems, how to expand solar power while keeping its value high, and digitalisation’s potential impact on the solar industry.

A chemistry to save the world

Ørsted’s Olivia Breese shares how an unlikely love story could unlock a transformative source of sustainable energy

Theme: Net-Zero

It all needs to add up

What makes a credible corporate climate pledge?

When corporations commit to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, how can we be sure their pledges really add up?
Solar farm

Green electricity

Svend Brun Hansen, Lead Environmental Advisor at Ørsted explains how companies can make green electricity part of their journey to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Laying the foundations for low-emission steel

Simon Juul Toft, Ørsted’s Head of Green Procurement, explains why long-term collaboration with a key supplier can help reduce emissions from heavy plate steel.
Need for Speed white paper

White paper

Need for Speed

Europe's energy crisis and the latest alarming report by the IPCC all point towards the same solution: we need to significantly increase renewable energy and decrease our dependence on polluting fossil fuels for energy.  Our white paper proposes a new approach towards the deployment of offshore wind and renewable power-to-X – from planning processes to integration – to ensure the buildout is both speedy and sustainable.