It is Ørsted’s opinion that its Board of Directors should have extensive knowledge and experience from management positions in major Danish and foreign companies covering a wide range of fields of activity, including fields directly related to the company's business areas.

The Board of Directors has prepared a list of the competences that should be represented on Ørsted's Board of Directors. You can find the competences overview via the download box. These competences include climate and sustainability management as well as competences based on financial and risk management.

The Board of Directors continuously work to ensure diversity on the Board of Directors – in terms of both individual characteristics and competences - by having different nationalities and genders represented on the Board of Directors and by having a diverse age distribution and mindset.

To ensure this, Ørsted has a comprehensive approach for identifying new members to the Board of Directors who are subsequently elected at the annual general meeting.

The Nomination & Renumeration Committee conducts an annual evaluation of the Board of Directors and assesses the competences, knowledge, experience, and succession of individual members of the Board of Directors.

When identifying new candidates, Ørsted uses skilled search companies to ensure a broad range of candidates across competences, experience, gender, and nationality.

The Nomination & Renumeration Committee handles the recruitment of new members and nominates candidates for the Board of Directors’ approval. The committee consists of three members appointed by the Board of Directors. Ørsted believes it is important to have a diverse committee. Currently, it consists of Thomas Thune Andersen, Chair of the Board, Lene Skole, Deputy Chair, and Julia King, board member.

A number of the members are elected by the employees as employee representatives to the Board of Directors under the Danish Companies Act. In accordance with the Companies Act, neither the Board of Directors nor the Nomination & Remuneration Committee can influence which candidates are nominated and elected by the employees. However, the Board of Directors encourages the employees to elect diverse board members who are trusted and have a broad experience and knowledge about Ørsted and its employees.
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Corporate Governance

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