Advantages of solar energy and storage

Transforming the way we power the world with solar energy and storage.

Solar is currently the fastest growing power generation technology in the world. At Ørsted, we’re utilizing solar power to harness nature’s resources and deliver clean, renewable power to the population.

We’ve expanded our solar and storage portfolio significantly in recent years. Today, we develop, construct, and operate solar PV and battery storage systems, and we currently have 460MWAC of solar PV and storage under construction.

Our sustainable approach to project development balances complex siting data with community needs to develop solar projects that exceed economic expectations, while earning the trust and support of local communities and landowners.

Permian Energy Center, a 460MW combined solar PV and battery storage facility, will use sophisticated software to enhance grid flexibility and balance fluctuating energy generation.

Our solar and storage centers

In recent years, our solar and storage portfolio has grown significantly.

A wide shot of rows of solar panels.