Ørsted awarded contract – will capture and store 430,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has awarded Ørsted a 20-year contract for our carbon capture and storage (CCS) project ‘Ørsted Kalundborg Hub’. The project entails Ørsted establishing carbon capture at our wood chip-fired Asnæs Power Station in Kalundborg in western Zealand and at our Avedøre Power Station’s straw-fired boiler in the Greater Copenhagen area.

In the battle against climate change we must use all available tools. We must not only reduce carbon emissions; we need to go one step further and remove carbon through negative emissions.

One of the ways negative emissions can be achieved is by capturing and storing carbon from biogenic sources. When sustainable biomass (e.g. straw or residual wood from sawmills) is used to produce green power and heat, the carbon bound in the biomass will be reemitted into the atmosphere. But if that carbon is captured and permanently stored, it'll count as a negative emission.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the negative carbon emissions that can be achieved play an important part in achieving the Danish climate goals for 2025 and 2030. Ørsted is proud to continue to contribute to a world that runs entirely on green energy and help reach both national and global climate goals with one of the world’s first and largest commercial projects to guarantees negative emissions.

Starting in 2025 - and at scale in 2026 - Ørsted will capture carbon from the Avedøre and Asnæs power stations. The captured carbon will then be sailed to Norway where it will be stored in a reservoir in the North Sea.

In total, we expect to capture 430,000 tonnes of carbon every year.

Partnering with Ørsted to achieve this groundbreaking climate feat are Microsoft, Aker Carbon Capture, and Northern Lights. Aker Carbon Capture will supply the technology to capture carbon Northern Lights will transport, receive, and permanently store the CO₂ in a reservoir in the Norwegian part of the North Sea and Microsoft will purchase carbon removal certificates.

See the Ørsted press release here

Read more about our partners:

About Microsoft
Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. The new partnership supports Microsoft's commitment to become carbon-negative by 2030.

About Aker Carbon Capture
Aker Carbon Capture is a pure-play carbon capture company with solutions, services, and technologies serving a range of industries with carbon emissions, including the cement, bio and waste-to-energy, gas-to-power, and blue hydrogen segments. Aker Carbon Capture’s proprietary, carbon-capture technology offers a unique, environmentally friendly solution for removing CO2 emissions.

About Northern Lights
Northern Lights is developing the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. Delivering CO2 transport and storage as a service, Northern Lights aims to enable decarbonisation of industrial emissions that can't be avoided and provide safe and permanent CO2 storage.