Intelligent grid technology

Health services, national security and everyday households rely on a steady supply of electricity. The grid needs to be able to manage demand. A large increase in solar and wind energy demands a flexible and intelligent grid. We must be able to constantly adjust production and consumption to a much greater extent than we do today.

Cutting edge technology allows us to monitor, control and analyse data so that the flow in the grid is constantly optimised.

Future security of supply
Finding better ways to store and distribute energy is necessary to improving security of supply. The use of large batteries connected to the grid is being researched as the answer to the challenge. Together with Radius Elnet, our grid company, and ABB, we installed Denmark's first large battery in a residential area. The Li-ion battery, installed in the Lüders parking facility in Nordhavn, has the capacity to supply around 60 Danish households with electricity for one day.

Remote meters are part of the green transformation

After a test period in 2017, Radius are now replacing 1500 meters a day. In 2020, more than 1 million meters will have been replaced. The meters enable consumers to see their consumption on an hourly basis.

Experience from our other markets show that customers with remote electricity meters become more aware of their consumption. The meters make it possible to have fluctuating tariffs throughout the entire day. This makes it more attractive to schedule consumption or charging of e.g. electric vehicles in the periods where prices are low due to considerable production from renewable energy sources. Danish politicians have agreed that all power consumers must have remote meters before the end of 2020.