Intelligent supply and distribution

The green way

We want to help meet global climate challenges by generating and selling energy that doesn´t harm the environment.
We´re working towards a tomorrow when more of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources. We´re experiencing unparalleled green growth, therefore increasing the sale of energy from our wind turbines and power plants, to energy exchanges around the world.
Stable prices and security of supply for customers is crucial. As is smart use of energy. When you save energy, you also save CO2. Therefore, we encourage our customers to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Value-added services 

To ensure security of supply and financial flexibility, we have access to several gas storage facilities in Northern Europe. Our diversified portfolio of suppliers and contracts means we can maintain safe supply to our customers. In other words, gas can be shipped to where demand is highest.
A combination of our insights and long-term partnerships also means we are able to monitor market conditions. We can go beyond security of supply to real, added benefits.

Optimisation of gas infrastructure

We have a number of pipelines in the North Sea and have leased capacity across large parts of the European pipeline system, securing access to most gas markets in Northern Europe. With this pipeline, we can transport the gas to where demand is highest at any given time.

Inside look from a window of one Ørsted Heat and Power plants, showing the different features

High security of supply

We have access to gas storage facilities in Denmark and Germany, where we have capacity on long-term or short-term lease. Besides higher security of supply, these storage facilities provide flexibility, by enabling us to use gas from storage facilities rather than buying it in the market during periods when the price is high.

German and Dutch facilities

In Germany, we rent, lease and own interests in various gas storage facilities. We have entered into contracts totaling 7.2 TWh. 

Wind turbines being installed at an offshore wind farm.

The future is now

Developing the energy system of tomorrow