Retail service platform

Our gateway to wholesale markets for retail customers

Our mission is to support the green transformation within Energy Retail, by being the preferred Energy Market partner. With our dedicated team, our Retail Service Platform offers energy supply companies across the UK and Northern Europe a wealth of trading and risk management solutions. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers to create a competitive and bespoke service package to fit the individual’s needs.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer direct access to Energy Markets. Through utilising our established trading team and working closely with you, the customer, we are able to gain a strong understanding of your business. We provide a service to meet your needs and minimise your exposures in an ever-evolving and volatile commodity market.

Our route to market product can offer standard tradeable products to a more bespoke clip size and granularity. Alternatively, you can choose to have our Portfolio Management Team develop and execute your hedging strategy. With our support of the green transformation and as a market leader in offshore wind, we can provide competitive access to asset specific renewable products.

Using our in-house expertise, we offer many operational services such as shipping. This cost-effective service allows you to minimise time, resources, and operational risks. We will act as the interface towards the industry, and allow you to focus on your customer interactions and acquisitions.

Lasting business relationships

We have a strong belief in building lasting business relationships. With our mission to support the green transformation and establishing ourselves as the preferred energy partner, we are keen to explore new ideas and potential joint ventures.

The Retail Service Platform will provide a cost effective, innovative and bespoke service package. A dedicated account manager will put your needs at the centre of our strategy and enable you to focus on your products and your customers.

Our Retail Service Platform includes:

  • Route to market to mitigate commodity risks
  • Standard tradable products
  • Bespoke clip size and granularity
  • Access to Day-Ahead auctions
  • Renewable electricity from our world leading offshore wind portfolio
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Operational Services
  • Gas shipping service
  • Electricity balancing service