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Effective gas profiling, operations and trading

The natural gas market is a dynamic market where pricing is based on global and local supply and demand fundamentals, and influenced by other commodities such as power, oil, coal or currency.

Whether you are a gas producer or a gas consumer, are you sure your gas portfolio is optimized? Do you have all necessary commercial provisions, 24/7 capabilities and market access to make sure you get the maximum out of your gas supplies or gas consumption? Let us guide you and enable effective around the clock gas profiling, operations and trading. We offer a reliable, responsible and flexible access to all relevant commodity wholesale gas markets in North West Europe.

What to consider when buying gas

  • Risk: are you secured against unexpected price rises, or will you benefit from price drops?
  • Do you make optimal use of the flexibility your gas supply situation may offer?
  • Are there bespoke contract structures that meet your gas supply needs?
  • Are you interested in increasing your green profile, through buying biogas or green certificates?
  • Do you want to actively manage your gas consumption 24/7?

What to consider if you are a gas producer

  • Do you have a 24/7 operations team that can optimize the route to market for your gas?
  • Do you buy and sell gas transportation upstream and downstream capacities to minimize costs?
  • Do you have market access to all relevant markets so that you can sell your gas at the highest priced market?
  • Do you take advantage during high price periods to lock in your future revenues?
  • How do you balance your gas portfolio in case of production interruptions?

What we can do for you

  • Structured solutions: virtual storage, intraday profiling, tailored supply products, asset optimization, location swaps and cross commodity with gas as one leg.
  • Gas storage – physical capacity, optimization and trading of assets.
  • Management services – supply agreements, upside share agreements and complementary partnerships
  • Provide market access
  • Take care of your 24/7 gas operations

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Mette Hansvik, Head of Origination Gas