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Trading and portfolio service

Taking action in a complex market

With increasingly fluctuating commodity prices and ever-changing market requirements, professional management of energy has never been more important. We are committed to offer the preferred solutions within energy trading and portfolio services by letting you gain advantage from access to skilled competences, a competitive analytical and technical set-up, and further benefit from our strong credit rating making us a secure, competitive, and trusted business partner.  

We believe in long lasting business relations and whether you are searching for portfolio optimization, sophisticated tailor-made products within gas and power, or might want to get a leap into the green energy transition, we have the expertise, products, and capabilities that can assist you and your business in reaching new targets.

"Our focus is to offer the preferred route to market for internal and external customers"

Morten Buchgreitz, Executive Vice President, Customer Solutions

Among our external customers are wholesale trading companies, industrial companies, asset owners, and retailers across the UK, Central Europe, and the Nordics. We continuously develop our setup as markets change in order to offer ongoing portfolio and customer value.

We strive always to offer a flexible and committed service where you can expect easy transactions and dialogue with our Trading Floor and dedicated specialists. Our integrated compliance function further ensures integrity and transparency in all our services.

Gain an advantage from our portfolio and market access

By utilizing our far-reaching business activities and operations, we can help and assist you to gain a competitive edge. Our leading renewable cross-commodity presence enables us to offer full-service solutions and depending on your needs, synergies from doing business with us could arise from our;

  • rapidly growing renewable power portfolio
  • significant physical gas portfolio
  • efficient and growing 24/7 trading and operations setup on gas and power
  • strong credit rating of Baa1 with Moody’s

Our services

We have a strong market understanding and the legal and regulatory expertise to service a diversified and growing customer group. Our services are wide-ranging and includes amongst others:

  • Energy Sourcing
  • Full-Service Commodity and Certificate Trading
  • Asset Optimization
  • Customized Wholesale and Retail Services
  • Standard and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Balancing Services
  • Pioneering Flexibility Solutions
  • Route to Market and Risk Management Services

Portfolio services power

We balance risks and profitability

Our Portfolio services power team is here to assist in all phases of the value chain, help you creating portfolio and asset value. This includes ensuring efficient management of your energy generation, distribution, and consumption in the wholesale energy markets.

We have a deep understanding of the fundamental and technical drivers of the energy markets, which enables us to tailor contracts to match your specific risk profiles. Likewise, our services can be designed to match different time horizons and requests; from covering asset and portfolio optimization and wholesale trading in the short-term intraday markets to offering Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and balancing contracts in the long-term markets from one to 15 years. In addition, we are a leading supplier and trusted trading-partner of all relevant certificates such as REGO's, ROC's, and GoO

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  • Portfolio services power

    "Portfolio management is all about the right choice of products, purchasing time and risk profile. That is decisive when we guide customers and tailor their electricity contracts and manage their generation and procurement."

    Kim Willerslev, Head of Power Portfolio Management

    Customized asset and portfolio services is our specialty


    • Leading renewable understanding. Ørsted has pioneered the offshore wind sector and we are likewise specialists in the market-based management of wind and other renewable assets.
    • We are experts in asset optimization, from managing small-scale portfolios to large commercial plants and facilities of different sources.
    • Significant experience in determining and executing strategies for asset participation in ancillary, reserve, and capacity markets.
    • Our originators asses each single project together with you and we offer both standard and individual structured solutions for PPAs and balancing contracts.
    • Green power flow contracts are offered based on our unique upstream wind position and we cover all relevant certificate trading of REGO's, ROC's, and GoO’s.

    We cover all needs for wholesale trading and risk management


    • We are continuously active in the exchange-traded, OTC, and brokered markets helping you cover your needs on a forward, day-ahead and intraday basis.
    • Physical or financial trades in all key NWE power markets, covering futures, forwards and options, cross-commodity spreads, interconnectors, tolling agreements and route-to-market services
    • Our 24/7 trading and dispatching operations combined with advanced in-house data-capabilities and meteorological insight ensures speed to market and high quality of decisions.
    • As one of our customers, you will benefit from easy transactions, personalized service, and access to a competent risk management advisory where we identify, assess and prioritize risks in close dialogue with you.

    We are pioneering Flexibility Solutions for our UK customers


    • The energy mix is changing. By taking a flexible approach to energy consumption, you can help balance the energy system, lower costs and generate new revenue. Ørsted is leading the way in the development of sophisticated tools that enable businesses to be more flexible in the way that energy is consumed. 

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  • Our recent commercial cases

    Power purchase agreement with Banks Renewables

    Banks Renewables, the renewable energy division of North East property and energy business the Banks Group, has secured a transformational £210m investment package to support the construction of its next three onshore wind farms. Key to securing this investment package is the long-term power purchase agreement offered by DONG Energy.

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    Offshore wind power sourcing for Good Energy

    The UK-based energy company Good Energy and DONG Energy today announced a partnership which will see a renewable energy company source offshore wind power for its customers for the first time.

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Portfolio services gas

Effective gas profiling, operations and trading

The natural gas market is a dynamic market where pricing is based on global and local supply and demand fundamentals, and influenced by other commodities such as power, oil, coal, LNG or currency.

Whether you are a gas producer or a gas consumer, are you sure your gas portfolio is optimized? Do you have all necessary commercial provisions, 24/7 capabilities and market access to make sure you get the maximum out of your gas supplies or gas consumption? Let us guide you and enable effective around the clock gas profiling, operations and trading. We offer a reliable, responsible and flexible access to all relevant commodity wholesale gas markets in North West Europe.

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  • Portfolio services gas

Retail service platform

Our gateway to wholesale markets for retail customers

Our mission is to support the green transformation within Energy Retail, by being the preferred Energy Market partner. With our dedicated team, our Retail Service Platform offers energy supply companies across the UK and Northern Europe a wealth of trading and risk management solutions. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers to create a competitive and bespoke service package to fit the individual’s needs. 

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  • Retail service platform

Customer trading solutions

Portfolio Management for large energy consumers

Our trading solution 'Portfolio Management' provides large energy users with a one stop shop' for trading and risk management services. Ørsted’s historical presence in the upstream part of the value chain has created significant energy-related risk experience across  multiple areas and multiple commodities. Decades of successful management of our internal risk has developed expert knowledge and superior skills within energy risk management. With energy being amongst the most volatile class of assets in the world our position as an expert in how to manage risk enables us to offer an outstanding palette of valuable services for 3rd Parties.

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  • Customer trading solutions

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