Customer trading solutions

Portfolio Management for large energy consumers

Our trading solution 'Portfolio Management' provides large energy users with a one stop shop' for trading and risk management services. Ørsted’s historical presence in the upstream part of the value chain has created significant energy-related risk experience across  multiple areas and multiple commodities. Decades of successful management of our internal risk has developed expert knowledge and superior skills within energy risk management. With energy being amongst the most volatile class of assets in the world our position as an expert in how to manage risk enables us to offer an outstanding palette of valuable services for 3rd Parties.

By managing your energy-related risk through Ørsted’s External Portfolio Management you get:

  • Expert assistance in developing a Risk Management strategy
  • A bespoke strategy respecting internal risk policy and mandates
  • Advanced risk metric tools and models to implement, monitor and execute your risk strategy
  • Constant monitoring of market movements
  • A comprehensive package of market intelligence
  • Detailed portfolio reporting
  • Direct access to expert traders
  • Direct access to Exchange-traded markets
  • Cross-country and cross-commodity solutions

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