Ørsted listed as one of TIME100 Most Influential Companies

TIME has revealed the first-ever TIME100 Most Influential Companies list that highlights 100 companies making an extraordinary impact around the world. Ørsted is one of them
TIME has unveiled its inaugural TIME100 Most Influential Companies list for 2021, celebrating a multitude of global businesses shaping our future. Ørsted is recognised in the most innovative companies category for transforming our core business from fossil fuels to renewables as well as for our pivotal role in a global shift towards developing technologies that are proving critical in fighting climate change. Listed alongside the likes of Moderna, Spotify and Netflix, the most influential listing is a humbling recognition of our role in speeding up the global green transition.

Previously one of Europe’s biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, we’ve spent the past decade shifting our business away from carbon-intensive fossil fuels in favour of a more sustainable solution: renewable energy. And it’s paid off.

Many energy companies say they plan to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable-energy sources; Ørsted is often held up as an example of a company actually doing it


Today, we’re the global leader in offshore wind with a growing global footprint in onshore wind, solar, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants. We’ve helped demonstrate how today’s wind power and solar energy can provide the energy independence, economic vitality, and cleaner air of tomorrow, and accelerate our fight against climate change.

We believe that companies – and countries – play a crucial role in the much-needed acceleration of global climate action. If we, as a global society, are to reduce carbon emissions aligned with the scientific advice, every country and every company needs to act now. As a global leader in climate action, we hope our story will inspire and enable others to reduce their emissions and realise the benefits of the green transformation.
At Ørsted we strive to be a catalyst for change as we deploy renewable energy at scale to help governments and companies around the world transition to green energy. We’re very excited to be included on the list and recognised for our contribution to speeding up the global transition to green energy.
Mads Nipper, CEO at Ørsted
Frequently asked questions
  • What companies are included in the TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies list?
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  • What categories exist in the TIME100 Most Influential Companies ratings?

    There are five different categories:

    • Pioneers
    • Leaders
    • Innovators
    • Titans
    • Disruptors

  • What is the methodology of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies rating?
    According to TIME, companies in the TIME100 list are evaluated on key factors, including relevance, impact, innovation, leadership, ambition and success. The list was assembled by soliciting nominations across sectors including health care, entertainment, transportation, and technology from TIME’s editors and correspondents, as well as from industry experts.

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