Climate partners and energy efficiency

Fourfold energy savings

50 million DKK in annual savings for Novo Nordisk.
Reducing energy consumption is one of the fastest and cheapest ways towards a cleaner world. We recognise that the less energy generated, the less pollution there is. That´s why we have a target for a fourfold increase in energy savings from 2012 to 2020.

Our target will be achieved through climate partnerships, sales of consulting services as well as initiatives to distribute subsidy possibilities in the Danish energy savings programme.

In 2016, Novozymes, Tivoli and Novo Nordisk were the climate partners, who achieved the biggest cost savings.

Our climate partners can also purchase biogas certificates for full or partial coverage of their gas consumption, thus further reducing their carbon footprint.

Partnership Agreements  
Novo Nordisk Novozymes  
Mærsk Philips
Codan Premier Is
The municipality of Ballerup Rockwool
The municipality of Fredericia Siemens
The municipality of Kalundborg Toms
KMD (Kommunedata) ZOO

The results

Through the partnership with Ørsted, Novo Nordisk now emits less CO2 than in 2004, even though production has increased significantly. In 2016, the annual energy savings reached 100 million kilowatt-hours and in ten years, Novo Nordisk reduced its energy bill by DKK 270 million.

The plan was that Novo Nordisk's total electricity consumption from the Danish production was converted to renewable energy by 2014. This was already achieved already in 2011. They had already far surpassed the energy savings target.

A renewable success - Novo Nordisk
Our consulting services specialize in advising on ways to decrease energy consumption. We partner with companies, municipalities and organisations to look at ways in which we can cut energy consumption. The partner can choose to convert the energy savings realised into the purchase of renewable energy. It is all part of our goal to build a better future that is friendlier to the environment.

In 2007, Ørsted and Novo Nordisk launched a climate partnership, as a new model for cooperation on energy savings, accountability and climate. The partnership allowed Novo Nordisk to speed up its target to reduce CO2 emissions significantly and convert to more climate-friendly solutions. The partnership has succeeded beyond all expectations.

  • Pioneering model for cooperation between companies, municipalities and energy company
  • Novo Nordisk surpassed the goal and got annual savings of 50 million DKK
  • The power is reserved from renewable sources
  • More than 130 climate partnerships with business', municipalities and organisations

In total, more than 450 projects have been completed regarding energy savings within heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting.

Wind power from Horns Rev II
The agreement was pioneering in that it also helped to secure the financial basis for the construction of the offshore wind farm Horns Rev II, which at the time of construction was the world's largest offshore wind farm. Novo Nordisk has committed to purchase power from the turbines as savings in energy consumption was realized.

A growing number of climate partnerships

We are continuously building our climate partnerships. To date we have more than 130 climate partnership with various companies, municipalities and organisations.

Climate solutions

Theres good reason to consider the energy consumption and climate strategy in your organization

Driving Sustainability

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