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About LNG

LNG is natural gas in liquefied form. Natural gas liquefies once its temperature has been lowered beneath the boiling point of approximately -162° Celsius. One of the advantages of LNG lies in its reduced volume of 600 times compared to natural gas, allowing for efficient transport of LNG - for example overseas, where pipeline infrastructures do not exist, and to be used as a shipping fuel.

Ørsted has been active in the LNG market since 2011 and have sales offices in London and Copenhagen. We trade LNG globally as well as supplying small scale LNG in Europe.

Our long term LNG-capacity is at the strategically located GATE LNG Terminal in Rotterdam. Through GATE, we have LNG re-gas access to Europe's most liquid gas hub, and, as Europe's largest port, Rotterdam is ideally situated for the emerging LNG bunkering market.

Ørsted's key LNG activities includes

Large Scale LNG (Global)

  • Mid-Long Term Sourcing
  • Trading
  • Shipping

Small Scale LNG (Europe)

  • LNG for off-grid gas purchasers
  • LNG as marine fuel
  • LNG as trucking fuel
  • Supply Via Ship and Truck.
    • Ørsted can supply LNG to customer’s preferred location via ship or truck.
    • Ørsted can supply at GATE with customer collecting via ship or truck at the GATE terminal.

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