New podcast on how to solve the climate crisis

'Climate action now' explores and explains how the world can limit global warming to 1.5°C by transforming the global energy system. The first two episodes are out now.

Climate change is frequently described as the defining challenge of our time. The consequences of rising temperatures are seen around the world as wildfires and extreme weather occur more and more often and dominate the media coverage of climate challenges.

To speed up climate action, green energy company Ørsted has decided to put increased focus on how the world can solve the challenges of climate change and to highlight how the world already has the technologies to do it. The new podcast series 'Climate Action Now - an Ørsted podcast on climate change and the solutions' explores what it takes to fight climate change by transforming the world's energy system from fossil fuels to green energy.

"We've built our modern world on fossil fuels, and today 73% of global emissions relate to energy. This makes replacing fossil fuels with green energy the main lever to solve the climate crisis. The good news is that we have the green technologies to reduce emissions as quickly as necessary," says Filip Engel, Vice President at Ørsted.

Recently, Ørsted released a white paper on how to take action to stay within 1.5°C by transforming the global energy system. The podcast zooms in on why a transformation to green energy is the most important task at hand for world leaders in order to keep irreversible climate change at bay, and how we have the green technologies to do it.

Throughout the five episodes of the first season of the podcast, climate scientists and energy experts share their knowledge on the climate crisis and how to transform the energy system to green energy.

2050 is not far away
The first episode looks at the climate crisis and what got us here and features climate scientist Sebastian Mernild, lead author of the upcoming IPCC Assessment Report on climate change, its causes, potential impacts and response options. 

The second episode examines how fast carbon emissions need to come down and why it is so important that companies align with the science-based climate targets. The episode features American professor Katherine Richardson, Head of the Sustainability Science Center at the University of Copenhagen and UN-appointed expert stressing the need for action.

She says: "We're in an incredible hurry because, in order to keep the human-caused global warming to within 1.5 to 2 degrees compared to the pre-industrial level, we have to be at net zero emission of greenhouse gases in the middle of this century. 2050 isn't very far away." 

Episodes 3-5 will discuss what it will take to change from black to green energy, how we already have the green technologies to do it, and what companies and politicians can do to accelerate the transformation. These episodes will air in the following months.

"The world must halve global emissions by 2030 to keep global warming within 1.5°C. Greening energy plays such a crucial role in making it happen. With this podcast, we're inviting everyone to learn more in-depth about how we can speed up the transformation of the global energy system," says Filip Engel.

In the podcast, business strategists, managers and specialists from Ørsted will complement the science and theory with hands-on experience about the actions that in a decade have transformed the energy company itself. Ten years ago, Ørsted was one of the most fossil fuel-intensive utilities in Europe. Since then, the company has undergone a rapid transformation and is today one of the world's five biggest renewable energy companies.

Facts about the podcast

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  • The first two episodes are out now
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