Ørsted consolidates two business units

Ørsted’s Group Executive Management has decided to consolidate the business units Customer Solutions and Bioenergy into a new business unit, Markets & Bioenergy.
The decision has been taken following strategic decisions that reduce the two existing business units in size including the planned divestment of the Danish power distribution, retail customer business and oil and gas infrastructure assets as well as activities that have been discontinued or transferred to other parts of the company.

Morten Buchgreitz has been appointed EVP of Markets & Bioenergy. In connection with these changes, EVP of Bioenergy, Thomas Dalsgaard, will leave Ørsted.

Thomas Dalsgaard has spearheaded a successful transformation of Ørsted's Danish heat and power generation activities, including an extensive green transition from coal and gas to sustainable biomass at Ørsted’s large combined heat and power plants in Denmark. He has also contributed to the development of Ørsted's first activities in the fields of energy storage and solar PV.

Thomas Dalsgaard says: "It’s been a fantastic journey with Ørsted over the past ten years where we’ve transformed the company from a traditional coal, oil and gas company to a global leader in green energy. I've completed my part of the mission and now feel that it's time to try something new."

Henrik Poulsen says: “I would like to thank Thomas for his great contribution to the recovery and transformation of Ørsted over the past ten years. Thomas has had a significant and successful impact on our Danish business while also launching new growth initiatives. It’s been a pleasure to have him on the team. I wish him all the best in the future."

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