Two DONG Energy managers singled out for Talent 100

Two of DONG Energy's managers have been selected for the Danish newspaper Berlingske Business' Talent 100.

What is Talent 100

Berlingske Business News Magazine annually selects 100 young talents aged max. 35 years with the potential to become tomorrow's top managers in Danish business life. 

The companies nominate their own candidates, and Berlingske Business Magazine makes the selection based on three criteria:

  1. The talent's business background, leadership skills and results.
  2. The talent's CV where focus is on proven results as well as business and educational competences.

CV Tanja Sølvkjær

  • Talent in the category: Production, logistics and procurement
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Education: Master of Economics and Business Management at the University of Aarhus
  • Job : 2006-2013: From Junior Associate to Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company in Denmark and South Africa. 
    2013-now: Senior Manager, Head of Commercial Asset Management in Thermal Power
  • Other: Member of the Board of Directors of the Danish transit harbour I/S Ensted Transithavn

CV Mads Weng Gade

  • Talent in the category: Economy and finans
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Education: Master of Science in Finance & Accountancy at the Copenhagen Business School
  • Job at DONG Energy:
    • 2004-2007: Financial Analyst
    • 2007-2008: Supervisor 
    • 2008-2010: Manager
    • 2010-2013: Senior Manager
    • 2013-now: Director Head of Financial Analysis & Business Planning

Berlingske Business Talent 100

She works with portfolio plans and optimisation of the thermal power stations, and he works with financial forecasts and investment calculations for the oil and gas business. She has been working for DONG Energy for nearly a year, and he has been with us since 2004. 

Tanja Sølvkjær and Mads Weng Gade have been singled out by Berlingske Business Magazine for its annual list containing 100 management talents.

Peter Thomsen, Vice President in the business unit Thermal Power, is the one who nominated Tanja Sølvkjær for Talent 100 and he said: "Tanja has an impressive ability to quickly grasp complicated material, break down complex issues into understandable sub-analyses and thereby create a clear overview. And therefore, she's been selected to work on portfolio plans and optimisation of our power stations and singled out for Talent 100. Finally, it doesn't hurt that Tanja always - and I mean always - is in a good mood!" 

Sebastian Koks Andreassen, Vice President in Exploration & Production, is the one who nominated Mads Weng Gade, and he said to Berlingske that the future is open to Mads.

"Mads has far-reaching competences. He possesses a rare good combination of analytical sense, the ability to cooperate as well as a profound business insight. Furthermore, he has been able to build a large network in DONG Energy and is able to work downwards as well as upwards in the organisation. That's why Mads has been singled out for Talent 100."

What does it take to be a good manager?

But what is a good manager? If you ask the two management talents, it is above all about developing and motivating the people you work with.

Mads Weng Gade said:

"To me, good management means that you are able to develop and motivate the people you work with and get the best out of them both in relation to their own development, but also in relation to the results we achieve."

Tanja Sølvkjær added:

"Good management is to set the direction and motivate and listen to the people around you. Not just your own employees, but also the people you work with across departments. If you are unable to set a direction and get people to back it, you will not achieve your ultimate target."

Sølvkjær continued:

"On top of this, you must be proactive and face whatever comes with a positive attitude. You must not be put off. If something goes against you, don't walk away. We're working on complex issues and I approach my work with a positive attitude. I think it rubs off on the people I work with."  

Turn every stone

Tanja Sølvkjær came to DONG Energy in April 2013 and is the head of Commercial Asset Management in Thermal Power. 

Tanja Sølvkjær said:

"It's my job to turn every stone, as I call it. I must optimise our asset portfolio so that we constantly are as efficient and flexible as possible within the current market."

Sølvkjær continued:

"I'm very pleased to have been selected. I came to DONG Energy a year ago, and my primary task was to establish this new function. It’s been an incredibly exciting journey. I consider this a recognition that we're moving in the right direction, and I appreciate that." 

A personal development journey in DONG Energy

Mads Weng Gade came to DONG Energy directly after completing his studies at the Copenhagen Business School.

Mads Weng Gade, Head of Finance Analysis in Exploration & Production, explained: "I was employed as an economist in the department that I'm now heading. As the department has developed, so have I. It has been and is an exciting journey, where I've been and am part of driving a good team." 

In-house talent programmes

DONG Energy's in-house talent programme for specialists, 'Columbus', has been a decisive factor for Mads Weng Gade's desire to become a manager. 

Gade continued:

"It quickly became clear to me that it was the management path I wanted to pursue, and I developed a lot. The departments that I'm responsible for today cover a wide area, but in brief we work on forward-looking financial forecasts and investment calculations for the oil and gas business, Exploration & Production.

It has been an exciting journey where we've been given more and more tasks. At the same time, the development in the business has been extremely exciting with, among other things, the purchase of some large fields and the significant investment decisions which have been on the table over the years. This exciting industry and the development I've been through are the reasons why I'm still very motivated in my work. I'm, of course, very pleased to have been selected for Talent 100. It's a major pat on the shoulder, and I see it as a motivation to continue the work in DONG Energy and develop further."

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