Energy agents for a night

DONG Energy invited customers to a special opening at the Experimentarium where they could be 'energy agents for a night'. 


DONG Energy uses the cooperation with Experimentarium to arouse interest and understanding of energy consumption and generation. We have the possibility to invite customers to play and experiment with energy. 

Among other things, DONG Energy has participated in the construction of the energy exhibition 'Energy: sun, power and voltage' which is particularly aimed at school children and families with children. Here, you can be an 'energy agent for a day' and explore where the energy comes from and feel the forces at work on your own body. 

It is important to DONG Energy that we promote the interest and understanding of energy consumption and generation - also to the next generations. 
The sound of children's laughter and enthusiastic exclamations can be heard at the Experimentarium. There is a bustle because DONG Energy has invited customers from Zealand to an evening of playing and learning about energy. The event is part of DONG Energy’s cooperation with the Experimentarium.

"The Experimentarium is a fantastic place where children learn through play. At an event like this one, we can reach out to our customers at eye level and they can put a face to DONG Energy. In this way, we can make something seemingly very abstract into something present," said Dorthe Rømer Frost, Head of Marketing in DONG Energy. 
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